Ready for the iPad to replace textbooks? Apple is!

Posted January 19, 2012
by Caitlyn Murphy in The Latest Trends

E-books are projected to revolutionize education.

After our last blog-post about Google, Apple had some big news of their own today. Apple released iBooks 2, an update to their e-book software for iOS devices (the iPod, iPad, and iPhone). In true Apple-fashion, a press event was held to present the new software and it's most exciting features. Phil Schiller, introducing iBooks 2, described Apple's desire to use the iPad for educational progress. Schiller pointed out that students like to learn on the iPad - in fact it was the # 1 item on teens' holiday wish lists this year. He then described that iPad textbooks can replace the cumbersome, short-lived, non-interactive paper textbooks that students are used to. Apple has already partnered with McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to start the ball rolling. These companies are currently responsible for 90% of textbook sales in the United States, and they will be releasing a handful of textbooks today, with more to come at later dates. At this point, Apple is focused on high school textbooks for the iPad, which will be priced at $14.99 or less. There seems to be some obvious and exciting opportunities available with digital textbooks which include constantly updated materials, interactive features, and portability. 


However, iBooks 2 wasn't the only announcement made today. Apple also released iBooks Author - a free download from the Mac App Store that lets any Mac-user write an e-book and publish it to Apple's iBookstore.

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