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Beyond the Driving Test

Because teaching the basics of tire safety can save a teenager's life.

Keeping Teens Safe on the Road

In 2014, fewer than 5 states included recommended tire safety language in their state training materials for new drivers.

Michelin, in partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) launched Beyond the Driving Test an innovative safety education campaign which teaches teen drivers essential tire safety skills like gauging tire pressure and checking tread depth to keep them safe on the road. Michelin's goal was to get all 50 states by 2020 to commit to include questions about teen driving safety in their training materials.

Michelin turned to the creative team at YCP to help them create an innovative communications campaign to get the word out to states, driving safety instructors, teens, and their parents that tire safety is critical to saving lives. After hearing about this campaign's mission, we were thrilled to play a part.


Creating A Brand Within a Brand

We began by creating a unique logo for Beyond the Driving Test that would enhance the campaign collateral while working within the Michelin brand. The logo needed to capture the attention of three distinct audiences: teens, parents, and educators. 

Reflecting Michelin's commitment to equip young drivers beyond the driving test, the road icon shown in perspective represents the lifelong benefits of knowing the essentials of tire safety. Coupled with the clean lines and typeface, the logo reflects the points of quality that the Michelin brand is known for.

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Education Doesn't Have to Be Boring

We knew that a plain Jane site wouldn’t capture the teenage audience, so we set out to create an interactive website that’s both fun and functional. A scrolling tire leads users through each section of the page, and the infographic style keeps the information easy to read.


Three Audiences, One Website

Targeting teens, parents, and educators, each page of the website required us to take a different approach for each audience. 

For teens, we created a custom, animated illustration showing the five essential vehicle checks every driver should know. Users can even download a printable version for their glovebox, or watch videos to learn more. 

For parents, we included tips for talking to teens about road safety and a guide for knowing when to replace tires. The educators page is filled with resources to help supplement existing driver's education materials.

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Driving Change Through Video

We created a series of hand-drawn illustrations that brought the world of tire safety to life through a 90-second video.

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We created hand-drawn illustrations and social media graphics

3 years earlier than the goal!

Today, teens across all 50 states are learning the importance of properly checking tire pressure and measuring for safe tread depth, potentially saving many lives.


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