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Bob Jones University Scholarship Fund

Helping more students have the chance to make a difference in the world
by affording them a quality, Christian education.

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Making All the Difference

Education can make all the difference in defining the course of a student's future. What they learn sets them on a path to go out and make a difference in building strong families, leading in their communities, and impacting the world today.

The Bob Jones University Scholarship Fund awards financial aid to over a thousand students in need each year. With more than 77% of students needing financial aid to pay for their education, the BJU Scholarship Fund ensures that students can afford to attend a school where they will be challenged academically and spiritually with a solidly Christian worldview. Without the help of generous donors, this fund would cease to exist. So when BJU's V.P. of Advancement approached us about creating a fresh messaging and branding strategy for their year-long campaign to raise $3.75 million for the BJU Scholarship Fund, we jumped at the chance.

Built for Donor Engagement

We created a mobile-responsive website that served as the campaign's online hub and online giving platform. We designed the site to be interactive and donor-friendly, with an engaging video header to draw donors into the story and a goal tracker, showing the total funds raised throughout the campaign. Each campaign piece (direct mail, email, video, and social media post) directed potential donors to the site, making its simplicity and message crucial to driving in new monetary gifts.

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Student Stories

In order to engage donors with the need,
we provided a way for BJU's Scholarship Fund recipients to tell their own stories.

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Harnessing the Power of Story

Recognizing that the key to getting donors engaged in the BJU Scholarship Fund campaign was to show them the impact their gift would make, we created a series of videos featuring current scholarship recipients telling the story of how the Scholarship Fund has impacted their academic journey and their faith.

Integrating the Campaign

With the big-picture strategy in place and the primary web platform and video messaging developed, we turned our efforts to a highly-targetted communication plan, creating audience-focused letters, designing direct mail pieces, and creating email campaigns to reach the different age-specific demographics of BJU alumni around the world.

Our communications strategy included a social media campaign, a five-part email series, and eight direct mail pieces, including letters, postcards, mini business cards, and hi-tech instant-play video smart books.


Video Smart Book

The elegance of print with the power of digital in a single storytelling tool.


One Campaign: A Lifelong Impact

With the campaign under way, the original goal of raising $3.75 million in two semesters was met in just one semester, with the total funds raised to date now exceeding $4.3 million. Because of these funds, 1,093 students were able to receive financial aid from the BJU Scholarship Fund, an increase of nearly 65% over the previous year.


Impacting A Life

As a platform for all future campaigns, we created a new social media presence for BJU Advancement to help them connect with donors and alumni using targeted content.

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Client Testimonial

"YCP has been professional, responsive, and helpful to move our strategy, fundraising campaigns, and websites to the next level of effectiveness. The whole team has been a joy to get to know and work with. I am thankful for their expertise."

— John Matthews, Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations, Bob Jones University

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