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Boost Greenville

Accelerating Learning Beyond the Classroom


Working With Greenville's Youth

Boost Greenville is an initiative of United Way and works to create a supportive and educational environment for school-aged children during afterschool hours. They strive to build relationships with the children in the community and provide opportunities for long-term success and continued education. 

Boost Greenville was in need of an updated identity package, including a logo, tagline, and website, so YCP took up the project to create a valuable tagline and a new website experience. 


Tagline Creation

Our taglines are built on a very intentional process and are crafted to produce a final product that both communicates value and reinforces the brand. Our wordsmiths took the time to create a document of the mission of Boost Greenville and then narrowed that list down to one specific idea that would work in conjunction with the name and logo to be memorable, simple, and valuable. 

We narrowed down the options to five solid tagline options that could individually work well to communicate Boost's mission of advocating for high-quality learning programs for the children of Greenville. 

Presenting the Options

In a final presentation, the client was presented with all five tagline options and given some time to mull over the options. They came back with the final decision of 'Elevating Learning Beyond the Classroom'. A solid choice that communicates their desire to continue the learning process outside of the classroom for Greenville's youth. 

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Website Design and Development


Using the styles and design elements from the logo, YCP employed design, development, and content strategy services to help create the new Boost Greenville website. With helpful pages that describe Boost's mission and impact in the Greenville area, as well as partner pages and a portal for donations, the website is powering Boost's growing influence in the community.

While a full-screen hero video immediately communicates Boost's mission and purpose, brilliant colors and an intuitive navigation draw the visitor's eye through the site and work together to provide a user-friendly, delightful platform. 

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