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Your brand is only what customers perceive you to be.

Brand Consulting & Marketing Strategy

Let us help you intentionally leave your customers with a positive perception.

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Initial Discovery & Scoping

We Begin With Your Needs

We absolutely love learning about our clients and the opportunity to meet together and brainstorm on your business is something that we live for. Those meetings are both fun and relaxed as well as productive as we ask the key questions that mine out what's important to you and the marketing challenges you are trying to solve.

Getting to know your unique organization is the starting point to any recommendations or pricing of work for your branding campaign or project.


Need Us To Come To You?

We enjoy the opportunity to get out of the office and meet our new clients in their place of business. Often that gives us an on-the-ground perspective that unearths some additional ideas of ways we can market your organization.

Key Questions We Ask

We believe that it just makes sense to get to know you and your business first before we offer up a plan full of recommendations or price out a detailed scope for your project. Here are some of the initial questions we ask to learn more about who you are and what makes your business unique.

  1. What does your business or organization do? 
  2. Who is your specific target audience?
  3. What is your brand promising to your audience?
  4. Who are your main competitors (or for causes, who are those competing for the same audience)?
  5. What competitive advantages do your product's/service's have over others?
  6. Do you have a marketing strategy in place and how is that performing?
  7. How is your website currently adding value to your brand? Does it perform well? Is it converting vistors into leads and leads into customers?
  8. Are already you using an integrated marketing approach, drawing from social media, performing well in search engines, and regularly pushing out relevant content across your channels?
  9. How are you currently tracking the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts?

Online Brand Survey & Audience Analysis

The second step we use to expand our knowledge of who you are is our Brand Survey and Audience Analysis, an online tool we've created just for our clients. This online survey ensures that we can craft a well-targeted strategy and approach toward your audience, and that every project is effectively set up to reach them. This online tool invites 3-5 people within your company to provide feedback on your organization. By surveying multiple people we receive multiple perspectives to gain understanding about your organization, your core values, more on your target audience, and how you compare with other organizations. It's the starting point before we create a scope of work for your branding campaign or marketing project. 

Once the survey is complete we will provide you with a detailed document that summarizes our key findings in your survey and what we believe are important differentiators of your company. The document will also lay out our recommended strategy going forward, prioritizing the projects based on timeline and available budget.

For website projects, we take a look at how integrated your marketing is by considering the current effectiveness of your social media channels, how you perform in search engines, and the trends that Google Analytics data shows us about the impact of your current website.

Learn about our website design & development process

Creating A Blueprint for Your Campaign or Project

After learning about your company, our team goes to work doing our own research and expanding upon what you shared with us. By investing the time to do our own research, we become well-rounded in our appreciation and understanding of what you do and how that compares to others in the industry. After this research is complete, we create a detailed scope of work, a "blueprint", of what we will create for you.

Marketing Strategy

Are You Operating Without a Clear, Measurable Marketing Plan?

Without a plan, you don't know how or when you'll reach your target objectives. Is your goal broader market awareness for your product or services? Are you launching a new brand? Are you trying to compete better against a competitor? All of these things are carefully informed and measured by an intentional brand creation or marketing strategy and we can help!

Competitive Advantage Identification & Audience Profiles

Your competitive advantages are the things that you do that make you different or unique in your market. In collaboration with your team, we will work with you to define and create a 1-2 page document with these 5-7 carefully-crafted statements. These items are the foundation of your brand's messaging and will be used throughout every marketing channel you own.

Your Audience Profile takes your competitive advantages, identifies a main strategic focus, and specifically states how you are going to position yourself within your market to each target group. We carefully address what each target group values and the specific approach we will take

Marketing Plan Development

Your Marketing Plan defines the specific, tactical marketing goals/objectives for gaining awareness for your brand and how your campaign's ROI is going to be tracked and measured (an important differentiator YCP brings to the table). We develop both online and offline brand awareness strategies including milestones for  brand identity and collateral, website (including emphasis on mobile), content creation (including articles, video, photography, etc.), search engine optimization (SEO), social media (venues, specific content choices, regularity, etc.), e-mail marketing (timeframes, content recommendations, etc.), and even how your physical location and vehicles work to "sell" your brand.

Consumer Studies and Focus Groups

Another tool we use to collect data and measure perceptions is a consumer study. This study can either be an online survey or an in-person focus group, designed to collect data along the key areas that matter to your business. These questions are carefully crafted to not only be highly measurable and capture quantifiable data but also to be used again in the future to measure movement in brand or product awareness.

SWOT Analysis

Our marketing-focused SWOT analysis 1 day, 2 part, and highly-interactive team-building workshop where our marketing consultants work with you to define your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and work toward turning them into clearly-defined competitive advantages. We have led numerous SWOT analysis sessions that have been the foundation for sound and effective marketing campaigns.

Foundational Strategy + Amazing Creative = ROI

Only YCP will provide you with a strategy-based approach to your marketing that results in creative design and messaging designed to sell who you are and what makes you unique. That drives solid return on investment.

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