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Kate Redmond
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Ever take your car into the shop and tell the mechanic - I think it’s the battery and it turns out to the be the alternator? Sometimes we think we know what we need, but that is not always the case. 

Most organizations enter into their website redesign project with a punch list of functional must-haves and a desire to make their site appear fresh and modern. And most freelance or small agencies will accept and follow those orders creating sites that are very feature-rich and functional in nature. But fast-forward a year and those clients often wonder why their investment didn’t get them the results they had hoped for.

How many emails a day do you receive that you have absolutely no interest in? Did you just buy a product, say a TV, and now getting hit with TV ads all over your social media? How about clicking on an ad and the page it brings you to has nothing to do with what you thought you clicked on? Visitors want to know you understand them and that what you offer is right for them. 

Let’s consider a different approach.

How do you ensure that your website will get results? You have to start by thinking like your visitor. Within 4 seconds your site’s visitors will bounce if your website doesn’t engage them. 

I don’t blame them. Just like tv commercials, we’re used to tuning out and flipping past the hundreds of commercials that aren’t tailored to our needs or don’t directly match our situation. We feel like they don’t relate to us. Your website shouldn’t be like that. It should connect, engage and call your audience to specific actions that are tied to outcomes that move your business forward.

Visitors want to know you understand them and that what you offer is right for them.

To engage visitors you must have a deep, foundational understanding of who they are. 

  • Who is coming to your site that is most likely to buy? 
  • What do they want? 
  • What are their primary pain points?
  • Why would they engage you instead of a competitor? 

This is where an audience profile, also known as a “persona”, is foundational for results. A persona identifies the answers to these critical questions and then determines what arrangement of your website’s pages and content will best lead them to your solution as the answer. 

That just makes sense. While audience personas are often talked about, seldom are they used. At YCP, everything we create revolves around a deep understanding of what we learn about your audience from your personas. If your visitor feels like you understand their pain points and that your service helps to fix them, they nearly always buy. We only build websites that focus on the behavior of those profiles so that your website is tailored in a way that each target responds to. 

So how do you do it?  

By segmenting your target market into personas, it allows you to think through the visitor’s entire online experience from that point of view.  You know age range, gender, hobbies, digital behavior, and can determine how they respond to and absorb specific types of media and messaging. You need to build out as many targets as you can and then identify the pathway to reaching them and to how to engage them. Identify the commonalities and use those points to design your website around. This foundational approach is not one most web developers offer. Most are geared to build and launch your site so that they can move on. But your site isn’t just another project to you, it’s something that your organization will largely depend on for leads.

A website design is not for you, its not for us, it’s for the audience. If I am interested in paddle boarding, in my early 30s, and actively searching content related to paddle boarding- am I going to read an entire page on paddle boarding with headlines and paragraphs that are laid out easily?  Or am I going to watch videos that are short, instructing me how to paddle board, the benefits of it, and tips and tricks to staying above the water?  Unfortunately, younger generations tend to always be on the go not wanting to read a lot of text, while older generations prefer reading through a topic. Each audience profile absorbs media differently and you have to focus on how your audience will respond first and foremost to drive success. 

You can’t expect your web developer to understand consumer behavior; it’s not what they do or how they are wired. That’s why any site absent of the critical role of a persona-driven marketer will fail to get results. Marketers leverage their knowledge of consumer behavior, then work with web developers and search engine marketing experts to create and market your website based on the understanding of your target market and how they will respond to your message. 

Navigating the digital landscape can be tricky, but always start with partners that want to understand you, your business and your customers and you are on the right path.

Tips for your next website redesign:
  1. Identify the outcomes for the business and how a website aids you to achieve those outcomes - I want to increase traffic to the website, I want to increase rank, I want to increase engagement etc. 
  2. Pick an agency partner who understands marketing not just design and leverages the skills of a whole team.
  3. Identify audience personas through research and analysis
  4. Plan a audience-driven site map around those profiles in how your content is positioned
  5. Design the look and feel to mirror the content and audience
  6. Track your results!
We would love to help you!

YCP thinks differently, introducing you to a different approach to website design that begins with your audience and gets results. Our team is made up of all of the key disciplines that are necessary to work together to create a website for you that gets you results. If we can help with your website redesign project, please reach out to us here

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