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YCP's Recommended Reading

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They say leaders are readers. At YCP, we’re often sharing book recommendations in our team meetings and one-on-one. We also assign some required reading during the on boarding process for our new employees. It’s all part of how we fuel our creativity individually and connect around ideas as a team.

And now, we’re sharing that inspiration with you. We’ve gathered a list of our all-time top business and leadership books.  

CreativityInc.jpgCreativity, Inc.

by Ed Catmull

In Creativity, Inc., readers get an in-depth look at the storytelling and the creative process the company used to create the movies we all quote and love. Catmull, a founder of Pixar, describes the ways that he and other Pixar leadership gave their teams permission to take risks and create freely.


GiveAndTake.jpgGive and Take

by Adam Grant

In a cutthroat world, it’s easy to think that the only way to survive is by taking. In Give and Take, Adam Grant describes takers, givers, and “matchers,” those who match what was given to them by giving back. Using research and real-life examples, Grant proves that leaders who consistently choose to give rather than taking or matching always come out ahead.




by Patrick Renvoise & Christophe Morin

Neuromarketing takes the technical jargon of neurology (how your brain reacts to stimuli) then applies it to marketing practices. Describing the human brain as having three main parts—the new brain, middle brain, and old brain—Renvoise and Morin share the science and strategies behind marketing to all three components and compelling your customers to action.

Neuromarketing taught me the science behind how customers think and how to market to those patterns.” -Emily Lewandowski, Content Specialist & Brand Manager

LeadersEatLast.jpgLeaders Eat Last

by Simon Sinek

We all prefer to work in an environment where we feel safe. This book unpacks the common qualities of selfless leaders who are willing to give of themselves to help others feel safe and valued. With in-depth research and powerful anecdotes, Sinek shares what sacrificial leadership means in today’s workplace.


StartWithWhy.jpgStart With Why

by Simon Sinek

In Start With Why, Sinek explores the ways in which humans become loyal and motivated, ultimately acting on their convictions. Filled with research and real-life examples, Start With Why shares lessons for leaders and brands looking to inspire their customers to become a loyal community. For a taste of the ideas in this book, watch Sinek’s wildly popular TED talk on the same topic. 

Start With Why taught me that having success in your endeavors comes from authenticity, humility, and hard work. People become loyal to brands that are real, honest, and flexible.” -Katie Bright, Content Specialist & Brand Manager

PhoenixProject.jpgThe Phoenix Project

by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, & George Spafford

With a storytelling approach, The Phoenix Project charts the path of several big software projects through a fictional company and the different intersections that can cause work to stop, pause, or derail. Written by three giants of the IT industry, The Phoenix Project provides vital insights for anyone looking to execute on time and on budget.

“No other book has helped me really understand how work actually progresses through a company than The Phoenix Project. It’s one I’ll never forget.” -Justin Murphy, Principal & Creative Director

What are your favorite business and leadership books? Share with us in the comments below!

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