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Creating happier patients and higher profits for dental practices.


Building a Brand

Digital Dental Leaders is on the forefront of digital impressions, educating dentists and helping to save their practices time and money with fast turnaround time and high-quality products.

When we met with the team at Digital Dental Leaders, it was clear that they had an great business model backed by cutting-edge technology. What they didn’t have was a brand. We started from the ground up, designing a modern logo that reflects their contemporary approach to dental restorations, supported by a fresh color palate of cool gray, crisp white, and warm mint.

Crafting a Message

While our design team worked through logo concepts and color options, our content team developed messaging for Digital Dental Leaders, beginning with their tagline, “The New Standard in Restorations,” which clearly communicates what they’re all about. We also wrote their competitive advantage statements as well as their core messaging for events and sales meetings.


Short and Simple

We created a two-minute animated video using custom, infographic-style illustrations that shares the benefits of switching to digital impressions.

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Bringing It All Together

Building on our core messaging and branding work, we developed a website for Digital Dental Leaders that is targeted toward dental practices interested in switching to a digital impression system. 

The website not only explains the digital process, but also serves as a sales tool, with videos, testimonials, and custom resources for interested practices. We took a visual approach to the design, using custom icons and infographics to convey Digital Dental Leaders' core messaging.

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Backed by Custom Features

We built a custom calculator within the Digital Dental Leaders website, which allows dentists to see their potential savings simply by plugging in their average number of crowns per month and their hourly rate.

The calculator can be further customized by adjusting the average lab fee and freight costs, along with the average seating time and current impression system.

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Why Go Digital?

We created an interview-style video that shares the advantages of Digital Dental Leaders' technology and answers common questions from dental practices about switching to digital dental restorations.

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Digital Dental Patient in Chair with Wand

Sharing the Power of Digital with Dental Practices

To help Digital Dental Leaders in connecting with their audience, we developed a full-scale communications plan, which included campaigns for email, direct mail, and social media. In addition to crafting the messaging for each of these campaigns, we created a custom email template, designed the direct mail pieces, and established social media accounts, which we continue to manage. 

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Client Testimonial

YCP not only branded our business but educated us as well. The brand package was a solid and exciting start for our company. Then the careful instruction that came with their development of our message, marketing materials, videos, and web site has been invaluable. Before YCP, we did not understand our “Why.” But after the training, we can think and state why we do what we do with unison and clarity. That understanding helps guide our decisions and has led more people to buy what we are selling. We are eager to expand our marketing budget as soon as possible to take advantage of even more services from YCP.

— Eric True, Digital Dental Leaders

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