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Employee Training & Engagement

It's one thing to promise customers value; it's another thing for your employees to live it out.

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Employee Engagement

Starting With Your "Why"

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them,
they hire already motivated people and inspire them."
- Simon Sinek, Start With Why

Client Testimonial

Before YCP, we did not understand our “Why.” But after the training, we can think and state why we do what we do with unison and clarity. That understanding helps guide our decisions and has led more people to buy what we are selling.

— Eric True, Digital Dental Leaders

Is Every Member of Your Team Working Each Day With a Sense of Purpose?

In all of us, there is a desire to have purpose and meaning in our work. We want to know our "why" and we want to make a difference with the time we have. Often, we just don’t know how to find our purpose or think through practical ways to live it out. By creating customized training, we work to help each employee answer that longing for deeper meaning and impact. It gives them purpose to come into work every day, to inspire those around them, and to put their efforts toward truly serving your customers. If your team needs this kind of jumpstart, we can help!


Do your employees live out your brand's promise?

Employees are the last missing link in reinforcing your brand's promise to your customers. We bring in new customers through advertisng but then do your customers experience much more than just the delivery of your product or service? Do they understand your "why" and see it lived out in front of them through countless tangible ways that gives them a delightful experience?

Let us help you train your team! Let's talk.
On-site Training Workshops

Training Sessions on "Customer Bonding" and Purpose

In every interaction with your organization, customers want an experience that leaves them satisfied and delighted. Brands who understand the importance of this foundation focus on building these relationships of trust with their customers. This type of customer relationship gives brands customer loyalty and referrals, things that every brand craves.

Read how we trained Tindall's Sales & Customer Teams

Personalized Individual Training on Core-Value-Based Living

But how do you train employees to live our your core values, your mission, and your brand promise leading to a culture that consistently reflects a customer-centric approach? That's where we can help. By using training and development principals and tactics learned and tested out over a lifetime of experience, we provide you with group or tailored one-on-one sessions on employee engagement and purposeful living. And instead of leaving you with a good feeling, we leave your employees with tangible activities and follow-up accountability to make sure their growth continues.

“As long as we are passive recipients of processes designed by the company, our work experience tends to be mediocre —it’s not optimized for us, and we can’t influence it. But if we’re given the latitude to redesign our interactions, we can change the quality of our experience.” – Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart

Online Learning & Certification (LMS)

Easy-to-Manage Online Training & Development

Our learning management system is a subscription, online training process that enables organizations to provide ongoing training and certification courses to employees and customers. Managers are able to customize each course using textual content, documents, videos, or multiple-answer questions to build a greater understanding of the subject matter and successful completion of the course. Supported and hosted by a team of U.S.-based experts, some of whom are credentialed teachers themselves, this system makes learning simple and managerial accountability a breeze.

Learn about our LMS

Features & Benefits

  • Courses are available on any internet-connected device.
  • Managers can create customizable, content-rich and deadline-driven courses.
  • The portal can be custom-branded to match any organization.
  • Managers can view course progress and adjust deadlines, enabling managerial oversight for direct reports.
  • The system automatically sends reminders and alerts managers about past-due courses.
  • Instant electronic certificates can be printed at the end of the course.
  • Shareable personal profiles for each student show a resume of completed courses.
  • Retain records of completed coursework for future audits.
  • Enjoy free hosting & free phone and email support.

Why Choose Our System?

For much less than the cost of most LMS providers you will get an intuitive, easy-to-use online training platform that develops your employees and contractors with little required management. You can create media-rich courses on your own that engages your audience. Only our system provides you with the customization and scalability you need to grow your online training offerings. And as a client, you have a direct dialog with our team on how we build out the LMS product and launch new features! To our knowledge, no other system on the market provides that access to its developers, a full content creation team to support you, and an intuitive platform that enhances rather than hinders your training.

Why We Built a LMS

We didn’t decide to just create another piece of software. Our passion is to solve a businesses' challenges. Since people are critical about every organization, and organizations will rise and fall based on their people, we took the training of these people as our challenge to solve. When people are properly trained they make more informed, strategic decisions. As individuals, when we develop skills and see progress, we become happier and more motivated in our workplaces. We serve customers better. We sell or create or build more effectively. In the end, the whole organization benefits. As former higher-ed teachers ourselves, we designed our LMS from the ground up to be simple to use, so that the content of each course stays at the forefront and learning remains easily achievable. Because of our years in the classroom instructing students, we understand that accountability and simple reminders are essential to keeping students on track. That’s why we built our system around those concepts. We don’t just build software; we help train people who can effectively solve their organization’s challenges.


We Can Help You Create Course Content

You can elect to create your own content or use our team to help! As a full-service agency, we have a diverse team of in-house writers, graphic designers, and videographers who can capture and create your content for you! Have an old training powerpoint that needs to be transformed and turned into an online course? Let us take your content and add the freshness and spark that will engage your trainees and help them learn.

HR Tools & Apps

Initial Hiring & Onboarding

Online Job Application & Vetting System

By building it from the ground up to be flexible, this online job posting and application tool is carefully tailored to the way you file applications. It covers every necessary requirement you need to be able to process fitting applicants and quickly respond to non-qualified candidates (in mass). By using this tool, HR Managers save time and are able to focus on the most qualified candidates and send them to the proper hiring managers.

Learning Management & Training (LMS)

Our online learning, training, and certification system (LMS) provides you with the platform you need to offer any training course (one-time or automated recurring) to your employees. With an easy-to-use interface, you can set up all types of courses including video courses, courses with slides and background audio, multiple choice questions and answers (graded or not) and much more! With administrative control, you can set up managers to assign required courses to their employees and track the progress of each employee. Automated course reminders alert employees when they are supposed to complete a course and each course becomes part of their permanent record, reported within Backstage for your review.

Ongoing Development & Measurement

Performance Reviews & Development Plans

Peer-to-peer performance reviews can be a helpful tool for providing employees with feedback. Our online performance review system enables you to create your own online, customizable, and rated reviews that can be sent out to managers and peers for completion.

Using personal development plans (PDPs) can be an effective way to motivate and inspire employees to "own their own destiny" when it comes to the skills they want to learn and positions they would like to achieve. By creating these plans online, employees can establish their goals, managers can set up their milestones, and each side can track the progress.

Online Employee Portal & Surveys

Online portal: With more and more teams working virtually and more locations working together as teams, we've created an online dashboard system that puts an employee's (and their team's) key apps and online tools right at their fingertips no matter where they are. Team resources, manuals, policies, personal development plans, and forms are all accessible behind a gated system that enables everyone to stay in sync.

Surveys: Measuring employee satisfaction and providing a platform for feedback is an important tool in today's workplace. Employees want to be able to give feedback, and managers want to be able to measure employee satisfaction trends over time. We can provide an online survey tool to help you achieve both goals!

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