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GFA Missions

Obeying the Call and Spreading the Gospel


Sponsoring a Greater Cause

Gospel Fellowship Association is a missionary organization based in
Greenville, SC dedicated to serving churches and missionaries around the world. Realizing the need for a helpful, resource-based website to support their goals and mission, GFA enlisted the strategy and skills of our team to create an engaging online presence. 

Our strategists began by boiling down the goals and purpose of the site to one singular mission and then communicating that goal to the studio. The design and development team went to work to create the new website. With login features, a donation portal, and multiple pages of content and resources, the site allows for missionaries, churches, pastors, and laymen to learn about and follow along with the mission of GFA.

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Communicating Hope

From communicating hope to encouraging support, we created three unique videos for GFA that uses interviews, B-roll, and expert editing to speak about the mission of the organization and how to get involved.

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From the Director's Desk

Providing art direction, overall design, and layout services, the creative team at YCP delivered a refreshed overall design for GFA's quarterly newsletter.


Opportunities Abound with Creative Banner Ads

To spread the mission of Gospel Fellowship Association to a pre-determined target audience, YCP partnered with GFA to provide design and art direction services for mission-focused banner ads. Engaging photography, compelling messaging, and a simple design made these ads stand out on every screen. 

Client Testimonial

One thing that led us to YCP was the genuine interest the YCP team had in getting to know us as an organization. They’ve incorporated that [interest] into what we’re trying to accomplish at GFA, and I see that as one of the key reasons why YCP has been able to produce something that is great quality and communicates very clearly. 

— Mark Batory, Gospel Fellowship Association

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