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Infographic Design

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Infographic Design

Sell Your Value Through Compelling Stats and Illustrated Competitive Advantages

Infographics are illustrated, easy-to-understand, visual presentations of facts and figures, values, steps in a process, or specific comparisons between two competing subjects. Audiences love infographics and they are able to give your brand a unique, validated and engaging piece of content that you can use across multiple marketing channels.


Standalone or Part of A Printed Handout

Pull individual images from your infographic and place them at strategic points in your printed brochures, sales sheets, and handouts for use at trade shows, in presentations, and in one-on-one meetings.

Create An Animated Video

Repurpose your infographic images by using them in a short, animated video that helps customers better understand your message.

Watch an example

Simplifying a Complex Mission

Combining modern illustrations and straightforward language, we created an infographic that visualizes Gospel Fellowship Association's main purpose.

View Full Infographic

Design an Interactive Landing Page Around Your Infographic

Enhance your online presence by creating an interactive landing page that incorporates animated infographic elements. We see a higher engagement when marketing directs users to a custom landing page, especially one with an engaging infographic, versus just a generic company’s website homepage.

Create a Blogging Campaign Using Infographics

Create a blog series expanding on a specific fact or industry insight from your infographic. Use the individual images from your infographic to support your copywriting. Once this content is written, you can share it with customers via email marketing or social media.


Infographics Clearly Engage Social Media Audiences

Bringing together heroic illustrations and impressive statistics, we designed an infographic that celebrates the unsung heroes of our national holidays.

View Full Infographic


While you can post your entire infographic directly to your Facebook page, we recommend creating a series of Facebook posts by dividing your infographic into individual images. Additionally, you could create a teaser graphic that invites Facebook users to visit your site to view the entire infographic.


Create a teaser image with an engaging title, upload it to Pinterest, and link it to the full infographic on your website. This invites Pinterest users to visit your site and gives you the opportunity to share additional custom content, such as videos, downloads, and tutorials.


Write Tweets based on the individual facts and insights in your infographic, and create a branded hashtag to track the reach of your message. Supplement your Tweets with images from your infographic.


Create a series of Instagram posts using the individual images from your infographic. Caption the images with testimonial quotes from your current customers to drive home your message.

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