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Living Out Michelin's Purpose

Engaging and inspiring employees to make their mark in their work each day.

What is Purpose?

Brothers Édouard and André Michelin found themselves at the center of an quandary one day in 1891 when a stranded French cyclist with a flat tire showed up in front of their rubber factory late one night. What resulted from their simple act of kindness was their invention of the first removable bicycle tire, and a clear sense of purpose for the future. With more than 110,000 employees around the globe today, Michelin wants every employee to be inspired to make a difference in the same way in the lives of others every day.


Setting the Strategy

Purpose_YellowBlue.pngMichelin approached us about creating an employee engagement campaign that would show employees how they are making Michelin different by sacrificing for others, serving their community, and going above and beyond to create products that make customers safer and more mobile.

A huge task. To inspire all employees in North America was a huge endeavor and one we didn't take lightly. We brainstormed as a team and landed on a fresh, employee-focused event series called an "Inspiration Session", unlike anything Michelin had every done before. These sessions identify what Purpose is, inspire employees to care for one another, and lead them to a decision to commit to one way they can go out and live Purposefully in their work going forward. In addition to training Michelin facilitators, we created all the workshop materials, team-building activities, videos, and presentations. The biggest impact were the stories we captured of Michelin employees reaching out and making a difference in each others' lives. We watched as these stories made some laugh, made some cry, made all reflect, and helped each one recognize how significant a simple act of kindness - like buying a Coke for someone who's hurting - can be.

The results. In the months since the start of the Purpose campaign, Michelin’s employee engagement - already high within the company - has risen by double digits for employees who have attended a Purpose Inspiration Session. After seeing the materials and attending an Inspiration Session, the President of Michelin North America decided to roll out the program across all North American sites.


Introducing Purpose

We created a short video that defines what Purpose is and the impact Michelin employees make on our world.

Watch the Video

Designed to Inspire

At the end of each Inspiration Session, employees are encouraged to write their personal commitment to live out Purpose on a badge which they carry with them on the job each day. It is designed to remind them of one action that they can take to live out Purpose.

Each person is also given a set of thank you cards to give out to colleagues who have demonstrated Purpose to them. Each session results in stacks of thank you cards ready to be delivered to deserving employees. We have found that the simple act of expressing grattitude like this has kickstarted a whole new energy at Michelin.

We designed both of these cards to aid the Inspiration Sessions, along with the session invitations, the master presentation, posters, employee worksheets, and Purpose stickers. These materials have a fresh, cohesive style that creates an identity for Purpose that lives on beyond the sessions.





Sharing a Better Way Forward

Wanting to take the idea of Purpose from inspiration to action, Michelin was looking for a platform that would allow employees to easily share stories of Purpose as they witnessed or demonstrated them personally. Our team of designers and developers created an mobile-responsive website that walks employees through every step of submitting their own story of Purpose.

Available in English, French, and Spanish, the site is accessible by all Michelin employees, taking the message of Purpose around the world.

Visit the website

Client Testimonial

"YCP has helped us bring to life a program that has meant to touch every one of our employees. To connect with the company’s Purpose, we wanted to do some work to help employees find value in their own day-to-day work and see that [their work] has a connection with what the company has always been about...YCP has been a huge partner for us in that program and it continues to evolve. It continues to develop, and there [are] so many things that they helped us achieve."

— Lauren Davis, Public Relations Coordinator, Michelin

Watch the Testimonial

Client Testimonial

"I've been working with YCP for a couple months now and am very pleased with their output. They are always super kind and eager to help. They're an awesome group of people to brainstorm with and they help us meet crazy deadlines!"

— Hannah Crenshaw, Michelin Purpose Team

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