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Michelin Quest

Celebrating 125 years of adventure with a nationwide geocaching campaign.

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

125 years of business deserves something special. For Michelin, they turned to what they knew best — adventure. Michelin Quest was launched as a way to not only celebrate 125 years, but also to give back to the customers who have been there all along. A birthday party where everyone gets gifts? We were all in!

With the idea for a geocaching campaign in hand, Michelin came to us for ideas on how to practically execute the campaign, manage the logistics of a nationwide contest, and create excitement that resonated with their loyal customers. 


Setting the Course

We started by creating an identity package, including a logo, color palate, and overall style. These pieces, along with the website, had to convey the tone and messaging of the whole contest. Something that was fun, outdoorsy and adventure-driven, but not over the top.


Following the campaign launch, interested geocachers were directed to the Michelin Quest website to sign up to receive a Michelin Man tire gauge geocaching trackable. Within 5 minutes of launching the website, all 2,000 trackables were claimed by geocachers nationwide, an all-time record for branded promotion with a Geocaching campaign. 

For a chance to win a set of Michelin tires and tickets to exclusive Michelin events, entrants were asked to post photos on social media using the hashtag #MichelinQuest. We programmed the website to pull in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so people could see what other geocachers were up to. With custom filtering and advanced integration, this feature was technical to build, but gave the nationwide contest a sense of community.


Launching the Quest

From getting up at dawn to capture the perfect shot to using a quadcopter for aerial footage, we shot the promo video to visualize the contest in an exciting and fun way. Michelin shared this video on social media and sent it to media outlets to spread the word about Michelin Quest.

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Celebrating Adventure

Michelin Quest generated quite a buzz, garnering national press coverage as geocachers around the country snapped photos and shot video footage with their Michelin Man trackables. We helped Michelin announce the contest winners with this fun wrap-up video.

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trackables claimed in 8 hours
mentions on social media
million miles traveled by trackables
people reached by the campaign

An Award-Winning Campaign

'For showing spirit and adventure', Michelin Quest for Adventure was the winner of the Best Contest/Game category of PR Daily’s 2015 Digital and Social Media Awards.

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Client Testimonial

"The project was great, and we ended up having more success than we had even bargained for. The website that YCP built was beautiful, and it really functioned well, along with the videos and creative content that supported the project. We took Michelin Quest from an idea and made it into something that has won awards, has been recognized internationally, and is something that people want to model after. It ended up being one of the most successful things I've ever worked on."

— Lauren Davis, Public Relations Coordinator, Michelin

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