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Creating an inviting restaurant ambience for happier patrons and higher profits.


What's in a Napkin?

Can a piece of cloth actually improve profits? For Milliken's table linens division, the answer is yes. Research shows the use of cloth table linens in restaurants not only reduces the waste and cost of paper napkins, but also improves ambience, giving customers a richer dining experience that results in higher tips and repeat visits. 

Beyond the design, Milliken puts its most cutting-edge technology into every piece of cloth. Known for their innovation in everyday products, Milliken’s approach to table linens is no different, with products that are rich with color, resistant to stains, and backed by a team of experts. 


Cloth Goes Custom

We partnered with Milliken’s table linens division to design a engaging website that conveys the distinct advantages of their product line. Each dedicated product page features videos, digital color swatches, washing instructions, and product downloads, allowing users to fully explore Milliken’s range of product offerings. We also built custom color filtering technology and incorporated Milliken’s color design center into the site, which gives users the opportunity to see their color choices in a real-life restaurant or banquet setting before purchasing.

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Bringing Color to Life

We traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to hear from one chef about how table linens have impacted his business. Our team conducted the on-site photo and video shoot at Indaco as well as post-production.

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Above the Fold

To spread the message of Milliken's napery line, we created a comprehensive content strategy designed to draw more visitors to the website with videos and resources. We began by creating an internal site structure and quality webpages that were optimized for search traffic. From there, we created content for Milliken Table Linens' Industry Trends Blog and social media platforms that speak directly to launderers and restaurantuers with insights and inspiration.

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Speaking to the Market

We developed a video that highlights Milliken’s competitive advantages and unique, service-oriented model.

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Getting It On Paper

We created a number of print pieces that highlight the advantages of Milliken's table linens for each market. Going beyond the standard tri-fold dimensions, we created custom brochure layouts that highlight Milliken's message while maintaining brand cohesion. We combined our photography with compelling infographics and copy, resulting in quality pieces that the Milliken napery team uses as sales tools and educational resources. 


Client Testimonial

"What I enjoy most about YCP is that they’re very efficient. They give you what you need within your time frame. Everyone seems like they’re intent on their work, and yet as a client when I walk in the door, I get the feeling that everyone is willing to listen and pay attention to what my needs are for the day."

— Brenda Burris-Drake, Milliken

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