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Mobile App Development

Apps can connect your customers or members to you in a personal and timely way with alerts, news, and on-the-go features!

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Mobile App Development

Why create an app?

Studies show that we check our phones over 150 times every day. Pair that with a dramatic increase in mobile traffic to websites and you'll understand why the market is going mobile. By creating an app, you put your business in the palm of your customer's hand, adding value by giving them instant access to tools they need on-the-go and up-to-the-minute alerts that our fast-paced society lives by. Here are two ways we create apps:

Mobile-Responsive Web Apps

Web apps are the easiest to create and deploy and are often the starting point for those who want to wade into the app world for the first time. Distinct from your website, a web app can be created to look and feel more like an app and can include functions for logging in to access member-specific information or tools and saving information to a profile. Today, many businesses have designed their mobile websites to feel like their apps and vice versa. If you would like to launch a new product or subscription model business via an app, consider starting with a web app and then, when successful, transitioning that into a platform app.

Apps for iOS and Android Platforms

Platform apps are specifically coded in the respective languages of mobile operating systems like Apple's iOS or Google's Android platforms. An app for a specific platform is much more labor intensive than a web app, but with a platform app you can tap into the device's hardware to perform specific functions like geolocation, using the phone or tablet's GPS, or push notifications for sales or news alerts.

Here Are Two Examples


Penn State University Shale Royalty App

Penn State came to YCP with a complex spreadsheet and a concept and we turned it into an online subscription-driven app platform!

Check it out

AfterSchoolHelps App for BJU Press

Algebra is tough for most of us and BJU Press came to YCP with an idea of creating an online helps companion app to help kids quiz themselves and get study helps.

Check out the site and quiz yourself!

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