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From the Mouth of an Intern: Part II


noun |ˈinˌtərn|
a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.

This is the New Oxford American Dictionary’s definition of an intern and the work interns do. But at YCP they don’t follow this definition. In fact I don’t think they’ve even read it.

I am currently a junior Business Administration major who thinks she wants to go into the exciting field of agency marketing. The marketing classes I’ve taken so far have been absolutely amazing! Just trying to understand all the work that goes on behind each product I buy boggles my mind! However, because my degree is more general, my classes cover many different areas of business in a short amount of time; as a result they just barely skim the surface of their respective subjects. I think I want to go into marketing, but based solely on my classes I can’t really be sure.

When I heard about YCP’s business internship program, it sounded like a great way to learn more about agency marketing and figure out if that’s really what I want to do; that’s the normal goal - the New Oxford American Dictionary definition - for pursuing an internship. And I certainly accomplished that goal. I found out that agency marketing really is amazing and I absolutely love it! However, YCP taught me way more than I bargained for during this internship. I learned so much more than just the hands-on techniques of marketing strategies or the best way to explain our services to a client. At YCP I learned what it’s like to work on a real team. I learned how communication is really supposed to work. I learned that integrity is more important than saving face. On a lighter note, I also learned how to make a mean latte and how to protect myself during a Nerf gun war. But more important than all of that, I learned the reason why YCP is such a great place to work. I learned that the heart of YCP is helping people - both inside and outside the company. Everything YCP does is to help people succeed because they care about the people they interact with. This heartbeat translates into everything YCP does - from presenting pitches to making coffee to coding websites to investing in their interns. And this heartbeat is what made my internship with YCP so much more than I expected.

I have learned so much more than I ever thought was possible in one ten-week period. I wasn’t just the filing system - though I did do plenty of filing :) - I was accepted as part of the team. And as a team member I was able to learn and grow in ways I never imagined. I still have a lot to learn, but I know that after my time at YCP I am now much better prepared for the career I will pursue in the future.


Name: Catherine Franklin

Hometown: Greenville, SC

School: Bob Jones University

Major: Business Administration - Marketing

Fun Fact: I’ve been to 24 different countries!

Favorite thing about YCP: The incredible team-focused fun-filled atmosphere.

Biggest take-away: You reach people’s hearts when you believe in the same thing, not when you say what they want to hear. 

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