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The Importance of Luxury Lifestyle Branding

February 04, 2020

Why is it important for lifestyle clubs steeped in years of tradition to maintain unique branding? This week, Justin Kolanz, former general manager at a historic country club, joins Justin Murphy to discuss the importance of unique branding in for private golf clubs and real estate. What clubs come to mind when you think of luxury lifestyle? How does their branding communicate their culture? Share your thoughts, listen, and subscribe!

About the host
Justin Murphy
justin murphy

Justin specializes in creative branding on the web and in print and has over seventeen years of experience in the industry. Justin’s job involves leading client brand initiatives and overseeing creative.

Justin also has experience adjunct teaching on subjects like branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and web design on the MBA and university undergraduate levels. He also has been a requested conference and event speaker.

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