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Personalized service and flexible payroll options.


Creating a New Brand

Desiring a catchy and colorful mark that would best communicate high-quality service and support, Paysmart SC partnered with YCP for a unique, handcrafted logo. Our designers identified key aspects of their brand that reflected the tone and style of the company, including comprehensive services, worry-free, professional, and personal and used those values to power their creative process. 

Everything from the font choice to the color scheme was intentionally chosen to create a simple and approachable design that carries into the style and aesthetic of their newly designed website. 

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An Integrated Design

At YCP we don't design in silos. Our initial design motivation drives every part of our projects. This results in a fully-integrated design from final logos to new websites.


A Fresh Take on Payroll Services

From design to content creation to video production, the full gamut of our services were utilized in order to create Paysmart's from-scratch website. Designed and developed in-house, the new Paysmart website will feature a user-friendly navigation, a mobile-responsive design, and engaging content that details services and advantages. 

The YCP team conducted research in the form of company brand surveys and interviews to inform the content and design. The result was an expertly created website with a fresh take on a customer-first payroll service. 

Growing Business Through Print

Becuase Paysmart is a relatively new company in the payroll sector, they needed to start from scratch with their printed, sales materials. We created a leave-behind brochure in an easy-to-hold, easy-to-read style that detailed their services, offerings, and competitive advantages. 

Drawing from the same color palette, design, and style as both the logo and the website, their Services brochure was created to inform and engage. 


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