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Showcasing Sailfish Point Living

While the YCP team is no stranger to creating marketing strategies for luxury real estate clients, we wanted to find a way to make the Sailfish Point website, email template, and PPC advertising campaign unique. Our main goal was to complete a site redesign that featured a robust yet easy-to-manage real estate catalog, an interactive property map, including both the real estate properties and golf course holes, and the strategic integration of video elements. Because the availability of real estate properties is always changing, we partnered with the client to make sure they were able to manage every portion of the website without the continual help of our development team.

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Gaining Leads Through Email

With a goal to create an email template that complimented the website, we created a mobile-friendly email design that the Sailfish Point team uses to keep in touch with their members about upcoming events and new listings.

Driving Traffic: Both Paid and Organic

Creating additional pieces of the Sailfish marketing puzzle was an exciting task. We took control of their pay-per-click campaign as well as their organic, on-site content optimization and search engine optimization in order to drive valuable traffic and leads to the website. 

With the Pay-Per-Click campaign, we were able to significantly reduce their reliance on paid advertising to drive traffic by decreasing their total spend by 30% and taking the percentage of unqualified traffic from a paid campaign from 45% to under 15%. The result was a campaign that still delivered high-quality traffic with a click-through-rate 3 times above the industry average. An ongoing SEO campaign ensures their content, including their individual listings, stays relevant and up-to-date with industry trends.


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