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Building A Customized Solution

When one of our clients, SourceLink, came to us looking for a custom solution for one of their clients, our developers put their heads together and pounded out a custom solution that went above and beyond to meet the needs for both SourceLink and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  

The need was clear: create a better way for St. Judge's partners to order supplies that complied with SourceLink's ordering system while making it fast and easy for the partners to get what they need. Our development and strategy team formed a strong partnership with both SourceLink and St. Jude and worked with them closely to create a strong, working solution. 

What we’ve been most pleased about with the St. Jude site, and other projects with YCP, is their focus on the user experience. Working with the YCP team we can convey the business needs and they will take it from there – building a beautiful site that is so easy to use. The entire workflow on a project is very professional. We also appreciate the relationship that we have built with their team and internally we’ve said many times, “Let’s call YCP and get their input on this”. Overall I would strongly recommend using YCP.

— Keith Chadwell / SourceLink

A Successful Outcome

Using Backstage, our proprietary CMS, and lots of creativity, we developed a custom login and transaction system that allows St. Jude's partners to easily order supplies through SourceLink's ordering system.

Because Backstage is a user-friendly and intuitive CMS, SourceLink is now able to manage every part of the website without contacting a developer every time a change needs to be made. Additionally, St. Jude's partners now enjoy the ability to manage their own accounts and orders, allowing for a stronger partnership between St. Jude and their supporting partners.  

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