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Helping Construct A Cutting-Edge Digital Presence

Tindall came to us looking to revamp their outdated website and create a fresh, engaging, and mobile-friendly presence that could generate additional leads. Before we could create a highly-effective website, we had to get to know Tindall and learn what gave Tindall its longstanding reputation in the precast concrete industry. We began that process through a series of discovery meetings with their leadership team, then conducted individual SWOT analysis meetings with three segments of their business including plant managers and GMs to unearth the key strengths to sell on and opportunities to maximize.

By getting to know our client (including traveling to and photographing some of their projects), we were able to create a unique, visually-appealing and lead-focused website for them that ran effectively no matter what device their customers picked up.


Using Our Skills To Craft A Truly Unique Site

We created the design, crafted the content, and shot many of the images used across the site.

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Client Testimonial

We engaged YCP to overhaul our website and were very well satisfied with the outcome. Their entire team proved to be quite capable with respect to knowledge of website design, as well as in applying associated marketing skill in developing the content and presentation.  They stayed consistently engaged, were always responsive and did a great job of keeping the project on schedule.

— Greg Force, Tindall


Customer Bonding Training Seminars

After getting to know Tindall's team, the leadership decided to use our expertise in training and development to create a two-day "customer bonding" training seminar for their sales team. It was designed to be highly interactive and engaging, from group collaboration and role playing to very practical main session topics. The initial event was so helpful that the president invited us back for an expanded version with their full customer service team. It was a joy to see the group energized to go and live out some of the practical tips for serving their customers.

But we didn't just conduct the seminars and send people on their way, we regrouped by phone several weeks later to check in with each participant to see how his or her training had been put into practice with their customers and some of the key victories they saw along the way.

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On-location Photography

Our team hit the road to capture on-location images to freshen up Tindall's materials and provide content for their new website.

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Sales Brochure Design

Other Marketing Services We Provided

  • Competitive Advantage Discovery
  • Establish Strategic Focus & Brand Positioning
  • Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Tagline Development
  • Creation of Mission & Vision Statements
  • Online Banner Ad Creation for ENR Trade Periodical Online
  • Geo-located Google Adwords Pay-per-click Campaign
  • Social Media Strategy Consulting

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