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Trade Show & Event Marketing

Events and trade shows are prime opportunities to introduce your brand to new customers and reconnect with existing ones. Let us help you take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Booth Design

Make a Good First Impression

When someone walks by your booth you have only seconds to engage them and draw them in for a conversation. Your booth should be designed to convey who you are and sell you to new prospects. That's where we can help.


Sell your value and engage a passersby using strategic booth design.


From graphics to videos, leave all of your booth's digital content up to us.


Why Not Consider a Video?

Video is that engaging element that can capture and keep a person's attention while relaying what you do and why you're unique.

Learn more about our video production capabilities
Sales Materials

Become More Than a Throw Away

Attendees get bombarded with materials from booths they visit. Only the most engaging sales pieces will be kept. Let us help you create a piece that engages your prospects, leaving them with a clear understanding of what you do and what makes you stand out.


Handout Brochures


Sell Sheets & Case Studies


Custom Photography Makes All The Difference

Sometimes stock images just don't cut it and custom images go the distance to give customers an accurate idea of what you offer.

Learn more about our on-site photography team
Pre-Event Marketing

Create An Engaging Landing Page

Custom landing pages are a great place to make your presence known and to create a targeted destination for all of your social media and pre-show digital ads. Effective landing pages are focused on one message (typically your emphasis for the show) and have a lead capture form that visitors can fill out in exchange for free tickets, a helpful whitepaper, or to set up a one-on-one meeting while they are at the show.

See one of our event landing pages

Intentional Marketing Drives Booth Visits

Your customers may already know about your presence at an event, but what new prospects would you like to reach? We use intentional advertising strategies to drive awareness and booth visits.

Using Social Media to Drive Awareness

Social media is a gold mine for marketers who want to target their messages to a specific audience. By creating a social media user profile we give that platform specific data on our interests, our location, our education, and our skillsets - all things that marketers can use to craft carefully targeted, appropriate, and relevant (that's the key) ads that get our attention. Video and graphical ads stand out in a newsfeed and thus get more attention for your brand. 

Here are some ways we can market your brand before and during the event:

  • Remarketing to visitors who have hit your landing page who might be in a geographical area adjacent to the event
  • Sponsoring event hashtags on Twitter
  • Promoting articles on LinkedIn
  • Writing blog posts throughout the event and then reposting them across social media channels
  • Live broadcasting an announcement made at the event using Facebook or Periscope

Using Email Blasts & Personal Invites

Don't forget about your customers! Their presence at your booth enables you to develop your relationship further and have relevant, casual conversations about additional needs they might have. By honing in on those customers who are most likely to attend the show and sending them an announcement of your presence via email, you can get on their radar and become part of their planned agenda.

Printed, personal invitations or mailers can also be effective tools to invite your customers to join you during the show. Also effective is a tactic used where companies will mail out personal invitations to a private customer event where customers and sales reps can mingle and engage with your brand.

Need some creative ways to attract customers and prospects to your event? We can help.

Tell us about your event and we'll help you create a customized strategy that covers all the bases and encourages your target audience to join you.

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