Backstage makes it simple for non-technical people to manage their websites fully on their own.

It's the only intuitive content management system (CMS) that puts you in control and provides you with free, on-call, personalized support.

Even Internet neophytes can update content and market their websites, all on their own. Take a look at how individuals at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport use Backstage to update and market their website.


Free, personalized Backstage training & support.

With free Backstage support only a phone call away you can get the help you need when you need it. If you are local, drop by and get some one-on-one training. If you're at your computer, feel free to use the built-in online chat feature or give us a call. Our staff is trained to personally walk you through the use of any feature of your site with words you can understand. Repeatedly, our bi-annual customer satisfaction surveys tell us that our customers are very satisfied and that we always explain things to them in a way they can clearly understand.

"Before switching to Backstage, we were relying heavily on our website developers to continually update content on several areas of our site. Now, our office staff is able to change and update, on their own, all content on the site. Backstage's customer support is answer any questions our staff may have."
- Pat Golus, Camperdown Academy  • More Testimonials

Free hosting is just one more benefit of Backstage.

Every website we build gets our basic hosting package for free. But free hosting doesn't just include free storage space on our servers for your website, it includes regular daily and weekly backups, and comes with the highest levels of oversight and support to ensure that your site stays running perfectly. We take your website, and the management of it, seriously.


Always custom-fit to you.

We welcome any idea. Most content management systems (CMS) lock your site's design into a box, limiting you and requiring that your site must be tailored more to the CMS than to your wants and desires. Any custom-functionality you'd like quickly becomes burdensome to manage and very non-intuitive. With Backstage, we welcome your ideas - and because we built Backstage from the ground up, we tailor our CMS to easily accommodate them, not the other way around.

"I think Backstage is one of YCP's most attractive products. I have been using Backstage for nearly two years, and I have been so pleased with how easy it is for me and others in our ministry to login and keep the website up to date. Our church gets a lot of compliments on how well-designed and intuitive our website is. But most people don't realize that behind that great-looking website is an equally intuitive backstage we use to manage it. Thanks, YCP team!"

- Jonathan Threlfall, Bible Baptist Church & Christian School  • More Testimonials

Refuse to blend in with everyone else. Branding is all about clearly differentiating yourself. While we understand that the do-it-yourself template might be a cheap alternative, it also cheapens the effectiveness of your brand and limits your ability to get results by making you blend into the crowd. We handcraft every one of our sites to engage your target audience, be easy to navigate, fit the unique look and feel of your organization's brand, and nail each of your specific goals. So if you're looking for cookie cutter, or a cheap alternative, we're not your agency. We're about differentiating your company, making your site stand above the rest to get the results you want. Click here to see some examples


For Businesses For Churches For Schools
  • Update pages and add subpages to your site.
  • Collect new leads and reach out to contacts through the Backstage Address Book.
  • Send and track the ROI with regular email newsletters using our integrated email marketing software.
  • Insert videos, graphics, slide shows, into nearly any page.
  • Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools for optimizing keywords, descriptions, links, pages, and images.
  • Post News & Press Releases that show and hide during a date range.
  • Social Media Feeds (Facebook/Twitter/Linked In)
  • Intuitive, simple, e-commerce system that lets you post new products in minutes, track orders and send out thank you notes, create discount codes, and gives you easy-to-understand sales, product, and inventory reports.
  • Everything, all in one system, custom-built for you.
  • Learn more
  • Post Your Own Sermons into series'
  • Integrate with iTunes for podcasting &
  • Event calendar with online registration & payment
  • Member-only sections
  • Photo & video galleries
  • Self-managed pictorial member directory with automated updates to the church office.
  • Easy-to-maintain blogs
  • Social Media Feeds (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube)
  • Online attendance system that gives your staff weekly attendance reports.
  • Everything, all in one system, custom-built for you.
  • Learn more
  • Event Calendars with online registration & payment
  • Teachers Can Post Assignments Online
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • Online Tuition Payments
  • Send out trackable email newsletters to parents and supporters.
  • Online attendance system that gives teachers weekly attendance reports.
  • Social Media Feeds (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Everything, all in one system, custom-built for you.
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We listen to our customers.

Our customers love to send us their own ideas for new Backstage features and then see them come to life in a future upgrade. Approximately every six weeks (11 times sooner than our local competitors) we roll out a new set of features, complete with an email to all Backstage users that lists new features and carefully explains how each feature works. The goal of each Backstage upgrade is to add features that truly make our customer's lives easier and save them more time. If a feature seems complicated, we go back to the drawing board to redesign it so that it can be more intuitive. We focus on how our customers use Backstage and create interfaces that just make sense, without any training. Since we built our product from the ground up (unlike many of our competitors), we are able to tailor Backstage to fit the needs and desires of each of our customers.

"Really, what sold me on selecting YCP to build our new website was your genuine interest in the GCMA. That was confirmed a week or so later, when you all organized a site visit to the museum for a better understanding. Truly, working with Your Creative People has been a great experience from start to launch. Your team is comprised of not only of exceptionally creative and technologically talented designers and programmers but also of brilliant listeners and problem solvers. And, really, that's made all the difference."
- Paula Angermeier, Head of Communications and Publications, Greenville County Museum of Art  • More Testimonials

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The easiest website content management system on the planet, built for all those not so technical people, and fully customizable for any need.

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For over 15 years, Backstage has been the choice tool for clients to use to update their websites. We've taken some of the more popular questions that we've received over that time and put them here for your advisement. Learn more

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“For us, Backstage put us in control of our website’s content and eliminated the need to regularly engage internet programmers. Plus it provided us with the facility to easily distribute and manage the success of our online advertising. The ability to make an immediate impact on the quality of our customer outreach via Backstage is worth the investment.
- Adam Hartstein  • More Testimonials

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