A Better Way to Homeschool

Homeschooling can be tough (as we learned through COVID-19). With most homeschool parents writing out their child’s assignments on paper every day, recording grades manually in homegrown spreadsheets, and feeling like they were never ahead, it was time for a solution. 

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Planning made simple.
Schooling made fun.

The BJU Press Homeschool Hub is a free, online learning management platform that empowers parents to easily and flexibly manage all aspects of their students' school day in one place.

Because the BJU Press curriculum is fully integrated with the Hub, students can focus on learning and with responsive planning, parents now have more time to focus on what matters most - their child's learning.

Identifying What Is Unique

Building a brand new software platform from the ground up takes a lot of careful planning. Our software team started by roadmapping, then wire framing the paths each type of user would take. We had to make it simple for the youngest student to use while also making tools powerful enough to make every parent's life simpler. Interfaces were carefully designed with users in mind and then tested against a focus group of parents and students of various levels.

Once the interface was finalized, YCP's software team went to work programming this new platform to work seamlessly across any device including a smartphone. We built in powerful scheduling and reporting tools, automating processes like grading or catching up on late lessons that were once very manual and time-consuming. The result was a platform that users of all ages enjoy, making homeschooling fun for children and youth and reducing a parent's grading time from days to a couple of hours. That's the power of software.

"We never forgot the user. Despite the complexity of this app, we knew that ease-of-use would be the key to the HUB's success."


We didn't stop with software.

Having a shiny new platform is great, but what would its brand be and how would it be marketed? How would we communicate what makes it unique and get the word out to potential customers? The BJU Press team turned to YCP’s branding and messaging team (another of YCP’s 6 agency disciplines under one roof) for help.

To launch a new brand identity for the Hub, our team crafted a fresh new brand, including a logo, sample tagline, and compelling value proposition. We created a set of brand guidelines for BJU Press’s marketing team to consistently promote the new brand and rolled it out for related applications such as magazine ads, displays, and social media profiles. YCP’s video production team was called upon to capture a series of video commercials for use in a digital ad campaign on Youtube. YCP’s website design team created the landing page for the new platform.

Homeschool Hub Launch Video

More Time to Teach

Now that the BJU Press Homeschool Hub had a fresh, modern brand, a robust platform, and all the tools for marketing, it was time for launch! In May 2020, the BJU Press Homeschool Hub was launched to the excitement of homeschool parents worldwide. Now there was a tool that took away the time-consuming tasks that used to bog them down and take up their time. Now they can spend more of their time focusing on helping their children learn and grow.

“As a homeschool parent, the most exciting thing for me was seeing my daughter learn to read and how the HUB freed my wife to be able to spend more time doing what she loves - teaching. That was the most rewarding part.”

- Homeschool parent

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