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When two financial advisory groups split between the North and the South decided to join forces under one united brand, they reached out to the branding team at YCP for help.



Branding & Design

Motion & Video

Web Experience

Naming & Branding

“We needed everything: a new name, a new logo, new mission and vision statements, a new tagline and they delivered that - and more.”

– SHEILA LITTLE, Wealth Management Advisor
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Pursuit of a wise, careful way
To advance toward a specific goal

Creating the perfect name

How do you create a unique name that brings together the culture and rich history behind two unique financial firms? It begins with an intentional discovery process aimed at identifying the similarities - and differences - of each group and melding them together into a lasting brand that truly reflects who they are. Like the two offices coming together, we joined two root words that spoke to the value they bring: helping clients pursue the wisest path for their finances toward a specific future outcome.

"Our YCP developed marketing roadmap helps us move forward with confidence and ease."

– SHEILA LITTLE, Wealth Management Advisor

We Don’t Believe in Cookie Cutter

Financial advisory website designs all tend to look the same, from re-used, stylized stock imagery to similar messaging. To differentiate Prudeo, we took a content-first approach with fresh, engaging lifestyle photos to branded, custom motion graphics that come to life as you scroll through important sections.

It was extremely valuable for me to have all six teams under one roof. I didn’t need to quarterback and arrange the outsourcing of all my needs.

– Sheila Little, Wealth Management Advisor

Messaging That Just Makes Sense (& Converts)

Understanding the needs and pain points of your audience is foundational to writing content your visitors will actually read. We want a visitor to come away from your website feeling “they really understand what I need. This is the firm I need.” By starting with audience personas, we crafted messaging that’s aimed at the unique needs of each of Prudeo’s audience groups so that their website both engages and converts visitors to take the next step.

Intentionally Captured to Communicate

One of the hallmarks of Prudeo is their intentional focus on building life-long relationships.   But how do you communicate this to a first-time prospect who visits your website? We captured lifestyle photos of Prudeo’s team in action as well as engaging video of the advisors working with clients to convey the warmth of relationship that differentiates this firm.

Why Choose Prudeo?
Focusing on your “why” helps your audiences cut through the noise and clearly understand what makes you unique and why they should choose you.

Successfully Rolling Out the New Brand

While most agencies have a “create and hand-off” mentality, we have found that clients often want help rolling out their new brand to other environments such as their offices, vehicles, apparel, and digital channels. Because of our deep experience in production, we understand the nuances behind the production of today’s ever-changing environments. The same design team that creates your mark ensures that the comprehensive brand rollout matches the same look you’ve been imagining.

Becoming Part of Our Family

“Relationships” isn’t a popular buzzword we use to win clients. When we adopt a new client into the YCP family, we make a commitment to do whatever it takes to help them achieve the critical goals that lead them to us - and to do that in a highly personalized way. Whether it’s learning their preferences, sending hand-crafted birthday cards, quickly returning phone calls,  and always asking them how their day has gone, our clients quickly become our friends that we would give the shirt off our backs to help them succeed.

YCP was more interested in our success and doing something good for us than they were about just adding another project to their portfolio.

– Michael Krumholz, Owner of Prudeo Partners

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