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May 26, 2020
How has COVID-19 forced us to think differently about online learning? This week, Bill Apelian, the... more

How has COVID-19 forced us to think differently about online learning? This week, Bill Apelian, the President of BJU Press, discusses the online tools available to help parents and schools educate students at home. Listen now and subscribe for updates!

Your Creative People is a digital marketing agency located in Greenville, South Carolina. With 6 specialized in-house teams, we help you reach more prospects, customers, or donors for your brand.

YCP, serves South Carolina and beyond by providing services such as branding and logo designwebsite design, website development, software developmentvideo productionphotography, and digital marketing.

About the host
Justin Murphy

Justin specializes in creative branding on the web and in print. He has over seventeen years of experience in the industry. Justin's job involves leading client brand initiatives and overseeing creative.

Justin also has experience adjunct teaching on subjects like branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and web design on the MBA and university undergraduate levels. He also has been a requested conference and event speaker.

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