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Students come to IBCS, located in Phoenix, Arizona for a transformative, mentorship-based ministry training experience. IBCS came to YCP to help them sharpen their messaging to prospective students and strengthen their outreach into a targeted, well-integrated campaign across all their digital and physical channels. Within a few months, YCP had launched a fresh rebrand which continues to garner awareness and attract students at record levels.


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Focusing On What Makes IBCS Unique

IBCS's strength has always been its focus on one-on-one mentorship, and this came out in the surveys we conducted with both leadership and students. Unlike other colleges, every IBCS student is assigned a mentor when they begin, and the concept of mentorship for ministry is woven throughout every program, providing a practical, real-life balance of experience to classroom teaching. We brought this unique advantage to the forefront in clear, simple tagline as well as integrating it as the central theme across their purpose and vision statements.

Creating a Universal Brand for Every Application

Ministry training is central to why IBCS exists and we wanted to make that central in their new logo identity. As a higher ed institution we also knew that their would be a use for a collegiate seal that would emblazen diplomas and academic documents. To accomplish these goals, we created an icon centered on pulpit ministry that works within a larger academic seal. 

Relaunching the Website (in under 90 days)

College websites are a unique blend of engaging messaging and visuals geared toward prospective students and their parents and content-rich pages that describe programs and career pathways. When we relaunch a site, instead of beginning with Photoshop we start with a diagram of the audiences the website must serve and the questions each audience comes to the website to answer. Then we purposefully arrange the pages and content to serve up those answers in a simple, clear way that minimizes the number of clicks. The home page acts to attract attention and direct visitors deeper into the site and calls to action throughout the site lead prospects to the next step of inquiry. 

Experiencing IBCS Through Purposeful Photography

Our photos do more than look pretty and fill a space, we focused on intentionally capturing scenes that show their mission in action. Every photo tells a story of a student or of an experience that's tethered to their mission. Photos bring to life a college that may be many miles away and help prospective students and their parents get a sense for what they might expect well before they set foot on campus.

Stories of Real-Life Impact
Flying to Phoenix to interview students made all the difference. We were able to hear first-hand the impact that IBCS has had on their lives. We used this video as a central element in the new website as well as across social media.
Driving Enrollment Through Targeted Digital Marketing

Once the messaging was finished, it was time to get it in front of prospects and their parents. We evaluated the best platforms and channels and selected a careful mix of search, social and even physical venues in which our message had the best chance to get awareness and conversions, resulting in applications. We have seen amazing results from the campaign, extending the reach of IBCS farther than ever and gaining awareness from new students leading to applications.

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