Using storytelling and targeted messaging, we increased one advancement department's annual giving income by over 10X. Our unique approach to building custom e-learning software solutions has led us to serve thousands of students and teachers both in traditional schools and in home schools. That's the power of thinking differently when it comes to marketing to donors and prospective students.

Unlocking the Impossible for Adult Learners

Finding the right strategy to reach new student enrollment goals is a tough challenge in today's competitive online education market. That's why SCOPE came to YCP to create the right messaging to reach adult learners who often feel like going back to school feels impossible.

Reimagined Learning
BJU Press Homeschool Hub

Commissioned to create an online education platform for homeschool students, we completely reimagined the student experience, putting learning first.

New Brand Creation
BJU School of Ed & Human Services
Software Development
Penn State University
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