Elevating the Companies Building NYC's Landmarks

Carnegie Hall, LaGuardia Airport, Yankee Stadium, the Freedom Towers, and the Statue of Liberty are just a few of the iconic landmarks the Eaglestone Network on contractors have had a hand in. But who would they choose to tell the Eaglestone story and convey the wide array of services their teams provide? 


Strategy Creation

Branding & Design

Video & Photography

Web Experience

Custom Software Development

Taking historic brands to new heights

Each company under the Eaglestone umbrella had its own unique identity and history, some dating back over 50 years to hard-working immigrant families who made a name for themselves in the early days of NYC's HVAC and plumbing spaces. It was important to each company to pay homage to humble roots but also paint the picture forward for the future. By doing a deep dive into each company, YCP unearthed the aspects of their past and married them with the aspirations of their future to create brands that will stand the test of time.

“YCP was ready. They are prepared. They do their homework. They learn you. They learn your company.”


An inspiring brand that’s more than colors and fonts

Conveying vision comes with fresh branding, website design, and aspirational messaging that communicates what being part of the Eaglestone family means to potential participants. Early on, we learned that everything Eaglestone did was motivated by excellence and we brought that truth to light by introducing a new tagline: Founded on Excellence. Collaborating with its leadership, we came alongside to create a fresh set of mission and vision statements as well as a series of values every employee could buy into. We also designed a new visual identity (logo design) to visually unite the brand.

Imagery that tells their story authentically

To capture what Eaglestone was all about, our video production and photography team spent multiple days on the ground interviewing key leaders as well as capturing custom images of building projects spiring high above the NYC skyline. By bringing these visuals into the logo designwebsite design, video production, and printed materials we were able to tell the Eaglestone story through the lens of its people.

YCP developed and delivered a fantastic product. We chose right.


Collateral That Conveys Excellence

It wasn’t enough to simply state it in words. Down to the thickness of the paper we selected for their
business cards, every customer touchpoint we created had to rise to the brand’s promise of excellence.

Critically important was the goal of conveying what joining the Eaglestone network of companies means to owners interested in selling. Watch how we intentionally wove their new messaging into the interviews we captured.

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