Successfully Branding
the Statue of Liberty's Plumber

PACE has been hands-on in most of New York's iconic landmarks, but nothing is as acclaimed as being called "the Statue of Liberty's Plumber." But as the company grew, plumbing was only one of the three primary trades the company offered. It was time to rebrand PACE in a way that elevated the other trades to the same level and brought in new clients for each trade.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Three Services, One Logo

Getting all three trades to be represented equally in one mark was a tall feat. PACE wanted something modern and distinctive to stand out on their vehicles and differentiate them. The final mark they chose balanced freshness with clarity and helped PACE communicate its forward look into the future.

Yes, We Can.

PACE's conversational motto has always been "Yes, we can. Yes, we have. Yes, we will." We thought it was time to turn that phrase into their official tagline and launch a fresh messaging platform that included a new mission, vision, core values, elevator pitch, and value proposition. These statements became a central component of their new website.

We created an end-to-end Digital Solution
a website to win a job,
a portal to show it getting done.
Differentiating PACE

NYC is full of smaller contractors, but only PACE takes on the toughest, highest, and most complex projects and provides a convenient solution of three trades in one company. Leading with that distinctive message, we crafted a fresh website to show, not just tell, how PACE  provides an end-to-end solution for some of NYC's most iconic towers. We backed that message with client testimonials, significant stats, and imagery that told their story through successful projects like LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and historic renovations in Carnegie Hall. 

Developing a Custom Portal Software

Talking about reliability is one thing. Showing real-time project updates and stats, accessible on the fly, was critical to keeping customers well-informed and confident they had hired the right partner. YCP's software development team created a fresh, customizable customer portal that connected with and pulled in data from their contract invoicing and data tracking systems into an easy-to-understand customer dashboard. This portal enables building owners and project managers to have an up-to-date view of their project's status toward completion.

Reliability in Action

It was important to show more than the final product. We wanted to show PACE's team in action, in the trenches working for their customer. We purposefully captured imagery that made PACE's team feel like the heroes they are, going the extra mile for every customer. We also took the opportunity to update some outdated headshots so that the website could include a way for customers to meet their team.

Confidence and Quality
PACE had never had a video to showcase their unique value through their work. From the Waldorf Astoria hotel to the new World Trade Center towers, PACE's new video shows they can do it all, and complete each project successfully.
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