Good Measure Shades & Shutters

Effective Branding to Reach a Higher Clientele

A few years into their business, Good Measure Shades and Shutters realized that in order to grow they needed to target a higher clientele. One they were already very skilled at serving. They turned to YCP for a roadmap on how to reach those customers, beginning with a rebrand, amazing photography and video, and a new website.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Looking Like the Market They Aimed to Reach

As we assessed their brand, it was apparent that GMSS needed a fresh and elevated identity targeted toward the people they aimed to reach. Their look and feel must point to expertise, high-end decor, and style. We designed a logo monogram inside the outline of a window shade, animating the pull cord in a fun and engaging way!

Elevating Their Brand Online for New Leads

Having a fresh logo wasn't enough to get new customers - they needed a website that showed them in action, connected with the types of people they wanted, shared references, and drove prospects to set up a consultation. The website was also designed with search engines in mind with many areas for keywords that would drive their search ranking and create new awareness. Within a short time, GMSS was fielding calls from people who had visited the website and were ready to engage them on new projects.

Using Targeted Digital Ads to Drive New Sales

Using a research-driven approach, we strived to truly understand their audience and then create a hyper-local campaign that would get GMSS's audience to take action. We created a full series of social media ads that used messaging and visuals targeted at what their audience wants and needs. The campaign drove a large number of clicks to the website and brought in new sales.

Video That Shows & Tells
Customers love GMSS; they just needed a platform to share it. We used video stories to weave together the experiences of several customers and what they appreciated most about their experiences.
Photos That Paint With Light

Great photography tells a story. Because GMSS centers around bringing natural light into the home, we wanted to "paint with natural light" through the scenes we photographed, capturing clients truly enjoying their homes. This intentional photographic style visually validated GMSS's new tagline: Your Home, Made Yours.

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