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Art Director for User Experience (UI/UX)


As YCP's full-time Art Director for User Experience, you will lead the conception and visual design for high-end websites, mobile apps, and the fresh software platforms we develop for our clients. Your work will shine when users are engaged by the design and content and can seamlessly navigate through important paths of the interface to drive results.

Please note, we are only accepting U.S. candidates with 3 years of experience who want a full-time, in-office role.

Here's the plan...
Meet your manager,
In the short term, you will:
  • Participate interactive client brainstorming and discovery sessions to offer your ideas on the best ways to create the next generation of their websites or software platforms.
  • Begin working with our in-house software development team to wireframe and design unique interfaces for web-based platforms and mobile apps.
  • Create landing pages, custom website layouts for higher-end sites.
In the long term, you will:
  • Be an expert in all things UI/UX by creating fun, simply, beautiful, and highly-engaging platforms
  • Offer creative solutions based on user metrics to help multi-faceted websites get redesigned and redeployed for the most effective user experience
  • Create software interfaces that audiences love using and that make their lives easier by saving time and providing a delightful online experience
  • Take ownership of the user experience side of our Branding and Design team, offering best practices, advice and coaching to other team members
  • Expand our team's thinking by introducing new ways of navigation, better ways to display online content, and fun new features we can add to our projects.
Your role requires...
Meet your teammate, Phil
Art Director for Brand Experience
Meet Phil
What you know:
  • You have had 5 years or more creating custom user-focused interfaces for apps, larger websites, and digital platforms.
  • The guiding principles of how users typically react to websites and software interfaces and design thinking
  • How to design visual interfaces for multi-page websites that drive user engagement and navigation
    You must be able to show multiple, relevant portfolio samples of sites designed from the ground up - no templates.
  • How to design mobile and web-based software platform interfaces 
    You must be able to show a relevant portfolio sample of a custom-designed software interface you have created.
  • Understands insights from website tracking metrics and heat maps to drive design

Super-ninja skills you might also possess (but not required):

  • Understanding of search engine tactics and how that applies to users browsing content
  • Experience in HTML/CSS front-end programming of websites
We'll equip you with...
Meet Justin
Principal & Chief Strategy Officer
Meet Justin
What You'll Create With
  • You will be equipped with a new Apple Macbook Pro
  • Multiple high-end display monitors
  • Stand up desk (if desired)
  • Software: Adobe CC, Sketch, and Invision
  • Unlimited espresso and a well-stocked snack pantry
  • Lots of fun spaces to focus and flex your creative muscles

Do you have a passion for user experience? Love creating as a part of a team? You'll fit right in. 

Why you'll working here:


Our families are a big deal to us, and we know yours is too. At YCP, we enthusiastically promote investment in the people you love most with family-included company events and extra days off for special celebrations (like your birthday). From our 8 AM-5 PM schedule (yes, it's really true) to the sacredness of your weekends, our work-life balance gives you time to spend with those that are the closest to you.

Paid Absences

We know you need time for rejuvenation. Our paid absence policy protects your downtime with holidays and paid leave to cover vacation, illness, and emergencies.

Competitive Pay

Compensation is an important part of any role, and we seek to pay you fairly for the value and experience you provide.


We want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, so you're always at your best. Our wellness program encourages you to make individual wellness choices based on your needs and goals.

Future Savings

Take advantage of our 401k and generous company match program to invest for retirement.

Professional & Personal Development

Growth in your knowledge and mastery of your field will be reflected in your work. That's why we offer opportunities for our team members to develop their skills and continue their education in areas relevant to their career goals. We know you have personal goals you want to achieve. We're committed to helping you create a personal roadmap for reaching those goals, both on and off the job.


+ Team development activities
+ Your celebratory birthday breakfast
+ Company cookouts
+ Epic Nerf battles
+ Lots and lots of Starbucks coffee (and tea)!!

If you enjoy a fun and collaborative working environment, filled with people who are passionate about what they do, you'll love working here.

— Andrew MartIn
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