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Backstage CMS

It's not complicated. Backstage puts you in the driver's seat to easily update and market your website.

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What Backstage Does

It's Just That Easy

"I think Backstage is one of YCP's most attractive products. I have been using Backstage for nearly two years, and I have been so pleased with how easy it is for me and others in our ministry to login and keep the website up to date. Our church gets a lot of compliments on how well-designed and intuitive our website is. But most people don't realize that behind that great-looking website is an equally intuitive backstage we use to manage it. Thanks, YCP team!" - Jonathan Threlfall, Youth Pastor, Bible Baptist Christian School


No matter the type of website,

Backstage makes it simple for you to manage your site's content fully on your own. It’s the easiest website content management system (CMS) on the planet that’s fully featured, hosted by us and backed by a live, on-call support team.

Watch how Backstage makes updating easy

Uniquely Tailored to How You Want Your Site to Look

Whether you're launching your first website or a major ecommerce site, Backstage doesn't lock you into its box, but rather scales with you to enable you to have whatever design and feature-set best fits your needs. Since we created Backstage CMS from the ground up, we can customize Backstage to fit any need you throw at us and develop a seamless experience for your visitors.


Do It Yourself (with on-call help if you need it)

"Before switching to Backstage, we were relying heavily on our website developers to continually update content on several areas of our site. Now, our office staff is able to change and update, on their own, all content on the site. Backstage's customer support is answer any questions our staff may have." - Pat G.

Backstage Makes Apps Updateable Too!

With Backstage, your web or smartphone app doesn't have to suffer from outdated content or fall behind from going through developers for textual updates. Backstage makes it easy to update your apps.

Learn more about app development through YCP
Features & Benefits

Easy-to-Use Editing Tools

  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) easy-to-use editing of the content of any page across your site. Even easier than using Microsoft Word®! 
  • Create new pages, products, events, blog posts, sermons, etc. on your own with a few clicks.
  • Rapid font-styling so that your site's content always looks consistent.
  • Easily create your own photo galleries and slideshows! Insert videos (from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) into nearly any page of your site. 
  • Backstage autosaves every 3 minutes so you don't lose your work!
  • If you've saved your work and decided to change your mind, you can restore a backup in 2 clicks.
  • Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools for optimizing your page's keywords, descriptions, links, pages, and images.
  • Our intuitive, simple, e-commerce system enables you to post new products in minutes, track your orders and send out thank you notes, create discount codes, and gives you easy-to-understand sales, product, and inventory tracking reports so you can keep tabs on your business.
  • Post pages, articles, alerts, and press releases that show and then automatically hide during a specific date range so you can focus on what's most important to you, instead of updating your site.
  • You can create password protected, member-only pages of your site.
  • Free live chat, video tutorials, and knowledgebase articles are there to help you  as you use Backstage along with free initial training sessions!

Powerful Lead & Customer Tracking

  • Every time you log in, your Backstage dashboard shows you how your site is doing, from key traffic numbers, to bounce rate, to the open rates from your last email campaign.
  • Every lead through your site is tracked using Backstage's Activity Feed which gives you a historical listing of all of your site's activity, almost better than a CRM!
  • Leads and customers from your site are automatically stored in a robust database so that you can reach out to them or export that list to an Excel file for print mailings.
  • Contacts who opt-in are automatically added to your email newsletter list (a feature integrated with Backstage) so that you don't have to manually add them later when you are ready to send.
  • With your contact lists already populated for you, you can use Backstage to send out email newsletters with your next sale, a new product, or a great case study or exciting announcement. Backstage tracks the success of each newsletter campaign for you, down to each member on your list.

Other Amazing Features Clients Love.

When you create software that saves its users time and gives them powerful tools at their disposal people are going to start talking. The list of benefits below are just a few of the things that make Backstage the power tool it is.

Event Calendar & Registration

Ours is the most intuitive calendar your visitors will ever meet, out-featuring Google Calendar and other competitors to give your visitors a seamless, simple experience of viewing and signing up for events. Integrated and fully customizable online registration features give you the ability to tailor your signup form to your event - all with real-time registrant counts that coordinators will love.

Surveys & Forms

Our Survey module enables you to send out highly-customized surveys and measure responses - all digitally. Our Forms module enables you to create custom application forms and track application data. Easy to use, inexpensive, and robust!

Integrated Blogging Platform

Our blogging platform highly competes with the best of them, giving you a customizable interface for your content and the ability to post and categorize new content in minutes. Our blogging platform also includes online sharing tools for sharing content on social networks or by email, authorship profiles, connected related articles, tagging, and comment moderation and control.

Create landing pages for your social and PPC campaigns

Create your own landing pages, connected with your social media or pay-per-click campaigns so that your site supports the integrated marketing push your brand needs. Each landing page can be customized with content that fits the messaging of your ads and neatly connects with your site's existing pages.

Ecommerce websites

We can help create a website to sell a product, service, or subscription online using our ecommerce module for Backstage. Easily manage customer transactions and order details and track sales against goals using our historical reporting tools.

Special Modules for Non-Profits and Churches

  • Receive and track online donations
  • Membership profiles and rights-based access
  • Post announcements (and for churches these can be prayer requests or ministry opportunities)
  • Post sermons and media (including options for live streaming)
  • See our Ministry Compass App for additional features

Don't Do It All Yourself. Delegate.

Recommended for larger organizations with multiple editors, the User Manager gives you a way to delegate pages or sections of your site to others in your organization while still maintaining administrative control. When a change is made by an editor, as an administrator you will be alerted with an email and requested to log in to approve the change. Once approved, that editor’s change goes live.

Free Hosting & Live Support

Help Every Step of The Way

"Working with YCP has been a wonderful experience. They took me, a relative computer novice, and helped create a fabulous website that even I could navigate and work with in Backstage. The support staff has helped me every step of the way with any and all questions I needed addressed." - Jodi C.

Free, Turn-key Website Hosting Is Just One More Benefit of Backstage

Hosting can be very technical and that’s why we set up, maintain, and monitor it for you. Our team has servers with some of the most reliable and reputable data centers in the U.S. so that your site loads quickly and always performs beautifully. Backstage, as a proprietary CMS, its source code remains secure, unlike many “open source” platforms today which are very susceptible to hacking.

Every website we build gets our basic hosting package for free. But free hosting doesn't just include free storage space on our servers for your website, it includes regular daily and weekly backups, and comes with the highest levels of oversight and support to ensure that your site stays running perfectly. We take your website, and the management of it, seriously and by our most recent calculations, Backstage has a 99.96% uptime percent.

Free, on-call Backstage training & support

Backstage isn’t an off-the-shelf product that you buy and then you’re on your own. Unlike most CMS systems on the market (and especially unlike the free ones), your Backstage subscription gives you a full support and training team to back you up. Help is available to you by phone, by personal visit (come see us!), by online chat built into the product, and by email. We provide personalized training when we hand off your site, and we are there to answer your questions all along the way.

Our team provides video tutorials (including a full walk-through of how to use your specific Backstage that you can pass around to new employees) in addition to being available for questions and support. 


Free Upgrades With Your Ideas

We'd love to hear from you!

Your team is comprised of not only of exceptionally creative and technologically talented designers and programmers but also of brilliant listeners and problem solvers. And, really, that's made all the difference."
- Paula Angermeier

We Listen, Develop, and Roll Out Your Ideas

Do you have a great idea that you think others would like too? Ever wish you could influence the direction of your software? With Backstage, you can and those ideas become features that the whole community of users benefits from. And because Backstage CMS is a fully-integrated system (unlike other sites that have multiple plugins to manage), you don't have to lift a finger or manage incompatible plugins - upgrades are tested then rolled out for you. Yes, it's just that simple.

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