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Naming & Tagline Creation

Whether you're naming your new company, creating a brand new product, or looking for a memorable tagline, we can help.

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What We Do

Naming & Renaming

Naming or renaming your company and creating a company tagline works hand-in-hand to create your brand identity, an extremely important aspect of your business. It shapes the perception your customers will form about you. Will it be an accurate and pleasing perception? Does your brand differentiate you and communicate your “why”? With these two vital principles in mind, we follow a highly-intentional, highly-focused brainstorming process over the course of 2-4 weeks that begins with you. We dive into understanding why you do what you do and the value you bring to people’s lives. The end result is a unique name and tagline that speaks to what you do and your core value proposition.

Value-Based Tagline Creation

A tagline works in close conjunction with your brand name and logo as a unit. A tagline is designed to create an instantly identifiable persona for your company and communicate the end benefit you uniquely bring to your customer. Do you have a good tagline and does your tagline sell your value?


Elevating Learning Beyond the Classroom

When Boost Greenville wanted to re-introduce themselves in the afterschool learning space, they turned to us to create a memorable tagline that clearly communicated their value in the community. We dug deep to understand what they did and how that benefited the community, then went to work to create a tagline that captured that value.

Read their case study
Tagline Creation

The Best Taglines Come by Intentional Processes

While it’s not unheard of that a great tagline may come to you in the middle of the night, creating a unique tagline that sells your value and will resonate in your customer’s mind for years to come doesn’t usually come with an instant stroke of genius. We follow a highly-intentional process over the course of 2-4 weeks that begins with you: understanding why you do what you do for your customers and what you offer that benefits them. Once we’ve established those foundational points, our wordsmiths decide which category of tagline would pair well with your name and logo and then go to work creating lists of possible statements. We create taglines that are very simple and understandable at first glance. We don’t want to lose your audience with the wording.

Once we’ve narrowed down the list to the top contenders, we go to work researching if those taglines are being used already. And while we don’t promote ourselves as legal experts, we do the basic internet searches to ensure that, to our knowledge, your tagline is unique. Our tagline creation process combines insight, creativity, and innovative thinking in order to craft a unique and descriptive statement that sells your value.

We Create Your New Tagline Using This Set of Criteria:

  • Promises true value
  • Unique and distinctive
  • Clear and consistent
  • Appealing and relevant 
  • Bold and memorable
  • Simple and differentiating 

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