Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

Making GSP Airport the go-to destination

Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is a world-class airport with a small town charm. Their leadership wanted to make GSP the destination of choice for Upstate SC, attracting fliers who were formerly choosing CLT or ATL.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Reimagining Air Travel

When we were introduced, GSP airport had a cluttered website with hundreds of links on the home page. They couldn’t easily update their site on their own, and they had zero social media presence. 

We started with a strategy to reimagine their website with a mobile-first mentality and within the first year, YCP helped grow the number of visitors to their website by over 50%. It continues to grow exponentially year-after-year. We also empowered GSP with the ability to easily update their site on their own through our intuitive Backstage Content Management Platform (CMS).

The Goal

Make GSP the destination of choice for Upstate SC air travel, attracting fliers who formerly chose CLT or ATL. 

“YCP made it easy to update our website and has improved our ability to put the GSP brand in front of potential customers.”
— Rosylin, Director of public relations
Example planning destination on mobile phone

Increasing Community Engagement

Now that we were getting GSP visitors to the site how could they increase actual engagement? It was time to build on that website foundation and integrate social media. When we started working together, GSP had almost no social media presence and what they had was limited to Facebook. 

Integrating Art & Live Music

To connect what GSP is doing to bring the community into the airport, including their focus on the arts, we created a fun, new, Arts and community section that tells the story of GSP’s featured artists and their work as well as features the music groups who perform at GSP

Better integrating social media

YCP helped GSP Leverage social media to better engage with the community, and integrate social media channels into their platforms—such as their website. The home page promoted GSP’s community outreach work as well as integrates their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.

Time-saving Employee Training Solutions

Faster Responses to Recruiting Applications 

GSP’s Director of Human Resources was spending 20 hours each week sifting through job applicants. She thought, “There must be a faster way to do this.” She reached out to YCP and described the problem.


We created a customized tool that GSP to update to control the flow and automate the responses to applicants. Within a week of launching, we reduced her time spent by 18 hours, giving her valuable time back to spend training new employees. 

A Better Solution for Employee Onboarding & Training

Because every new applicant was already in the system, we created a new online learning and training system (LMS) that now trains, reminds, and provides audit-accessible reporting for all of GSP’s employees. This system is also being leveraged by international Fortune 100 corporations. 

Leading Greenville’s bid for Amazon’s next headquarters
Amazing Flyover Photography & Video Content
Capturing fresh photography and video helped to make GSP airport feel alive and vibrant. But filming and photographing these assets wasn’t simply for the website. We leveraged them for GSP into a creative pitch with a video smartbook to bid for Amazon’s next headquarters.

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