Acera Surgical

Revolutionizing Healing
to Change Lives

Acera invented a breakthrough, biodegradable nanofiber technology that reduces healing time and revolutionizes the way operating rooms and burn centers treat patients. YCP helped Acera create a fresh brand and then market this patented technology, while developing critical communications materials to get the word out.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Messaging on Mission

Acera's founders wanted the company to stand out for its unquestionable code of ethics and a clear mission that focused on patient healing. After a series of discovery workshops, YCP came alongside to create a fresh mission, vision, and set of core values and behaviors that would define their new company culture. We created a bold tagline that would act as a new rallying cry for this team of innovative thinkers. Then we went to work integrating the messaging platform into every marketing channel including their website, product packaging, and collateral materials. 


Revolutionizing Healing.
Changing Lives.

Developing Two New Product Names

Creating two new product names came with new challenges. What would stand out amongst the plethora of medical products but would truly communicate their benefits? After careful etymological research, we created two words that were a combination of Latin and French roots, then launching a survey to successfully test each new name with its intended audiences to be sure each would resonate.

Developing Fresh Collateral Materials

Branded collateral materials play a critical role in establishing brand recognition and awareness among customers, making it easier for them to remember and clearly identify the company's products. Acera's branded materials provide a polished and consistent image of the company, which increases trust and credibility among its audiences. 

Mission-Focused Website

Acera's website was designed with a missino: to focus on the patient and the breakthrough benefits in healing it brings to end users.
Acera Surgical in print
Eye-Catching Packaging Design

When a nurse goes to the shelf, most of the product boxes were white and sterile. Nothing had that colorful, eye-catching appeal that would remind them of the parent brand behind it. By designing for this purpose we were able to differentiate Acera's products from the rest of options they might consider.

It’s not only words on paper, it’s how we make decisions, how we treat people…each other. It’s how we set a standard of performance. Every day, it defines what we do and how we do it.

– Agnès Rey-Giraud, CEO
Why Acera Surgical?
Telling the company's story through video is a powerful - and memorable - way to engage audiences to remember your message and your mission. Their video weaves together interviews with the founders and key team members who were responsible for creating their revolutionary new healing products.
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