Unlocking Impossibles for Adult Learners

Navigating the right path to reaching enrollment goals


Branding & Design
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Achieving Goals Begins with the Right Plan

The path to achieving any goal in life starts by having the right plan or roadmap. Starting with the strategy, YCP worked with SCOPE to develop their brand’s messaging platform including SCOPE’s mission, vision, and core values, as well as support messaging like their elevator pitch and tagline. Once the messaging was done, we rolled out their new identity consistently to all of their printed and digital materials including videos and their website. Developing this messaging was the first step in achieving their enrollment and branding goals.

New Tagline
Unlock Your Next Impossible
Brand Guidelines
Launched a new website to discover pathways for advancing careers

An easy-to-navigate website can help adult learners find a pathway to career advancement by making it simple to discover and access the education and training opportunities that will help them achieve their goals. With a clear and intuitive layout, users can quickly find the information they need to decide which classes, programs, or certifications to pursue. 

"Because of YCP, I can much better articulate what SCOPE does and why it’s important."

– Antone Goyak, BJU SCOPE
Inspiring action through storytelling

We created a video series that told the stories of adult learners who succeeded in achieving their impossible by taking the first step with SCOPE.

Engaging smart books offer multimodal impact

The use of multimedia and interactive elements allows smart books to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for the reader, and can be useful for learners of all ages, especially in the educational field. With the use of smart books, learning can be more interactive, visual, and personalized.

“Because of YCP I can much better articulate what SCOPE does and why it’s important.”

Snapshot of Achievement

In the sea of stock imagery, its authentic photography always stands out. Original photography brings to life an organization that might be perceived as only academic, presenting them in a fresh, relational way to their learners.

Forming Lasting Leaders

SCOPE Leadership Institute provides personal development training that can help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Through our programs, participants will develop the skills, knowledge, and character needed to be more effective leaders and managers.

Partners Along the Pathway

New paths can be daunting and it’s always helpful to have someone to walk the new path with you. YCP came alongside SCOPE’s leadership team and provided strategy, messaging, and advice to help them navigate the path to reaching their target enrollment goals. This relationship forged a bond that has outlasted the initial engagement and created a lasting partnership.

They feel like a part of our team… they understand who we are. They contribute valuable input and give us different ways to implement.

– Beverly Cormican, Dean of SCOPE