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Rebranding Paradise

With a slice of prime real estate property on Grand Exuma Island, Bahamas, Roker Point Estates is an up-and-coming marina community situated right on the edge of paradise. With several exciting projects on the forefront of their minds, the Roker Point team contacted us due to our history of creating excellent work for luxury real estate communities. 

From a brand and logo redesign to a multi-language brochure and customized trade show graphics, every member of our team was instrumental in making the Roker Point projects successful.


Living Here Is More Than Just a Home

With careful strategy and wordsmithing capabilities in hand, we tackled the brochure and website content and created a descriptive and engaging final product.

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An Enticing Web Presence

With the purpose of driving leads and promoting the beautiful oceanfront community, we created an alluring landing page that captures the beauty of the island and promotes an enviable lifestyle that awaits every Roker Point member. Using beautiful photos of sweeping ocean scenes and written copy that tells the story of Roker Point, the website draws you in at first glance and urges visitors to fill out a 'Learn More' form at the bottom of the page. 

Custom phone numbers for the purpose of tracking potential leads were generated and installed on the site as well as the trade show brochures. These tracking numbers allow the sales team at Roker Point to easily follow up with the interested parties who call into the office and informs the marketing team how valuable the website and the brochure actually are. 

Making a Splash in the Trade Show Circuit

An international boating trade show in Florida prompted the need for an engaging brochure that highlights the ease and joy of owning a boat a Roker Point Estates. With headlines such as "A True Yachtsman's Paradise" and "Unsurpassed Amenities and Luxury", boat owners looking to purchase their next home on a stunning, tropical island are instantly intrigued. 

When Roker Point announced they were going to be attending another trade show in China, we rose to the challenge and created an English-Chinese translation of the brochure, as well as stunning trade show graphics for their booth design.


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