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Briland Club is an exclusive 27-acre waterfront community of homesites located on Harbour Island, Bahamas. Briland offers the full-service convenience of a best-in-class mega-yacht marina capable of accommodating any size yacht (and superyatch) and all the fine amenities, exclusive to a private club membership. Owners and their guests can enjoy fine dining with beautiful sunset views of the water under the iconic Stewart-style arches of our historic mansion, which has become synonymous with Harbour Island. Legends of the past even say it’s haunted!

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When YCP was approached about the project, the property was largely overgrown and construction had not begun. The centerpiece - the remnant shell of a historic mansion, left behind over from years gone by had some promise - if someone could bring the vision. The Michael Weiner family had visited Harbour Island on family vacations and were captivated by its local charm and culture. It was important to them to preserve the local feel they loved so much and to integrate aspects of the culture into their vision for a new waterfront community and marina.

Identifying What Is Unique

When YCP’s branding team was called upon to create an early brand identity for the Club, we looked for what audiences would recognize as unique about that place. We quickly learned that the “Haunted Mansion” was what both locals and visitors remembered about the property. Its placement adjacent to the waterfront and goal of creating a world-class marina become another distinctive that would make the logo unique. A logo based upon unique elements like this will always stand the test of time and have a long shelf life for a brand. 

Selling the Vision

Marketing the vision for an undeveloped property hundreds of miles away takes thinking differently. We went to work creating the right strategy and approach to potential owners and yacht captains. It had to be authentic, had to convey Briland’s visionary approach, and had to engage them to want to take the next step. After we created the strategic roadmap, YCP’s branding and web experience teams (2 of YCP’s 6 agency disciplines under one roof) went to work designing sales materials like a vision brochure, pieces of sales collateral, a personalized exclusive invitation, email templates, and an easy-to-update new website that the Briland team could use to collect prospect information.

Rolling Out the Brand

The new residential development with multiple on-site restaurants, a spa, a beach club, and other club amenities would need unique names and recognizable icons to represent those entities on signage across the property. YCP’s branding team took on that challenge and rolled out the new brand identity into signage, apparel and vehicles.

A Hurricane and COVID-19 Presented Unique Opportunities

Michael’s goal was to use local Bahamian craftsman for the project to provide jobs for the island. His goal was to give back to the community he loved so much. Shortly after the project began however, Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc across the Bahamas including damaging Harbour Island. A year later COVID-19 made life difficult for residents of Harbour Island, mostly dependent on supplies shipped in from outside. Briland Club stepped up to help by delivering supplies to families suffering from the effects of both of these devastating events. YCP created a campaign to spread the word that Briland was here to help, a landing page where families could tell us what they needed, and a practical guide for local churches to be able to distribute groceries that were shipped in from the U.S. 

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