Assure Alliance

Accelerating Your Success

Assure Alliance represents the largest network of independent insurance agencies in South Carolina and northern Georgia. After an unsuccessful previous marketing effort, they turned to YCP to rebrand themselves as the leading insurance network in the Southeast.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Logo & Tagline
Designed With Intentionality

When we considered how to best convey the mission of Assure Alliance visually, we heard their leadership relate how their agents were at the center of every decision. We decided to put the client at the heart of their logo. The idea is that as each succeeds, it lifts the whole group. We also wove their double "A" initials into their mark, in a strong and simple way. We carried that visual motif into the backdrop of their new website. Our design team cast their agents as a central part of their site's look along with big stats to validate their brand promise that they accelerate success. 

Our goal is to deliver the very best to our members. If you do your homework I think you'll find that Assure Alliance will be the right choice for you and your agency.

– Ben Taylor
Celebrating Employees

Great people are the heart behind every business, especially the relationship-driven insurance business. At Assure Alliance, they super-service a wide array of agents with a small staff, and we wanted to celebrate the contributions each person makes. Our photography and video focused on faces and communicated the warmth and friendliness that they bring to every client interaction. We also focused on creating a set of standardized core values that employees could measure every interaction by, and that would define what it means to work at Assure Alliance. We rolled these out as a series of posters that hung within the Assure Alliance office.

Assure Alliance is Unique
In a unique "Why" video we wove together the perspectives of the AA staff and the agents it serves into a unique, upbeat, and compelling video.

"We're more than an aggregation of premium. We're a group with common goals...that will sustain long-term."

– Holly Herron, CEO

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