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When a highly-talented group of financial advisors decided to branch out on their own and go independent, they turned to YCP to help them create a brand that looked established, trustworthy, and authentic.


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Naming & Branding
forward or toward the future
to see ahead or beyond
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A name inspired by the surrounding mountains

It was important to the team to have something that was both unique and truly had a story behind it - something they could use in conversation to articulate their distinct value. The team selected “Provista Wealth Advisors” because it spoke to the three aspects that distinguished them from other advisors. Their experienced perspective across a longer life horizon helps their clients clearly envision the future and chart the path forward toward reaching their goals.

"We wanted to leverage the skillsets we have to provide a different level of service, of ethics, and of culture to our clients."

– Clarke Smith, Managing Director
A Custom Website Making Financial Planning Simple

Concepts like financial planning can often come across as complicated and confusing. But in carrying through Provista's promise to "take away the worry from your finances," their website needed to clearly explain important financial concepts but in a simple way that won the audience's trust. But choosing to have YCP create a custom-designed website for their newly-minted Greenville firm, their website has turned heads for how visually distinct it is in a sea of cookie-cutter financial firms whose websites all tend to look the same.

"When we looked at YCP and what they had to offer it was a no-brainer. Having all six disciplines under one roof was very important to us. YCP has created a whole list of things for us, starting with our name, our logo, our core values, our brand guidelines, brochures, folders, stationary, our website, Backstage, video, pictures, and the list goes on!"

– Jason Buckley, Partner & Director of Client Experience
Carrying the Brand Forward In Print

Provista wanted to be sure every part of their client's experience carried forth the same look at feel and a consistent, clear value proposition. We created a series of collateral pieces that included a new client welcome packet and an overview brochure that further communicated the firm's capabilities and values.

Provista puts their clients at the center of everything they do. We intentionally carried that same theme through to their brochure, the first piece a new client would receive, by creating a unique cover cutout that focused on the clients. Just like the rest of their brand materials, their introductory brochure stands out from others with its unique, portable size, its simplified sharing of their capabilities, and consistent Provista look and feel.

Highlighting local roots and real relationships

Being at the heart of Greenville, SC has always been central to Provista's strategy to serve all those around them. In order to capture Provista's place at the center of downtown, we set up a photo and video shoot in and around their location to show how they are accessible and centrally located steps from the Peace Center for the Performing Arts. But the location alone was not enough. From the sidelines we captured the authentic interactions they have with each of their clients to tell their story in film. 

“YCP demands excellence. They are very intentional in every photograph, every angle, and every thought that gets poured into our logo and our message. There’s so much thought put into everything…they are in a league of their own."

– Josh Paddock, Partner & Director of Financial Planning
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