Maestro Keeps Fleets Moving Forward

When Michelin launched the idea of a new cloud-based management platform to help fleets save time and money and reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance, they turned to YCP to create a fresh marketing campaign. This campaign educated fleet owners on the benefits of turning the paradigm from paper to digital.

  • Strategy
  • Branding & Design
  • Motion & Video
  • Web Experience
Educate and Engage With a Strong Website

Getting fleet owners to make the jump from paper to digital meant an education-focused marketing campaign. Our campaign highlighted the benefits Maestro offered to fleet owners: saving money and reducing downtime. Video became central to our strategy and was a key part of both our website and the online ads we ran to point traffic to it. The website also supported Maestro's lunch & learn strategy with landing pages for online registration.

Equipping the Maestro Sales Team

As the Maestro team met with potential customers and pilot users, they needed materials they could leave behind. We created a series of sales one-sheets and infographics. Each one targets either a fleet owner or a service provider. Every piece visually reinforced the brand and clearly communicated the benefits of Maestro's value.

"This looks great! Exactly what I needed… I love the look and feel. Really appreciate and value your support and partnership on all things Maestro!"

– Robyn Fisher Conrad

Inovative Platform. Innovative Marketing.

The new Maestro Marketplace needed to be perceived as fresh, leading-edge, and next-gen because this platform would transform a fleet's scheduled maintenance process. We created unique materials like "the cube" to make Maestro stand out in the sea of paper fleet owners receive.

Creating Social Media Buz

Building a website is great, but how will people hear about it? Our digital marketing team created a social media advertising campaign that brought Maestro's story to fleet owners and service providers - the target audiences for this new platform. We used this campaign to drive interest, capture event signups, and to acquire new customers.

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