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Vita is a company centered around helping you be active and upwardly mobile. From ballet bars to fitness equipment, Vita empowers its customers to reach their fullest potential. 

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When I saw our new branding… I got chills. I knew I could take the company to the next level.


Launching a New Brand

Vita originally came to YCP to create branding for Vita Fitness, a new branded line of fitness equipment. As YCP’s branding team dug into the audience, developed personas and crafted a strategic roadmap, we identified what made Vita unique to create messaging that would communicate its unique value to Vita’s audience.

“When I saw our new branding, it gave me chills. I was so blown away by the look and feel of the branding they did for us that I knew I was going to be able to take the company to the next level.”

— David Chapman, President

A Comprehensive Brand Rollout

When creating a new identity, we want to empower the people behind the brand to represent and share the brand’s story. Working with Vita’s team, we developed a new mission and vision as well as a series of 7 core values and practical behaviors. This is invaluable to creating an authentic, consistent customer experience. Our branding team equipped Vita’s team with pocket-sized guides as well as hosted workshops on how to live out their mission and values. We also designed a full line of Vita apparel and gear that employees can wear with pride. 

“They truly listened to what was important to us and what we wanted to implement things and then they took that information back to their shop…and brought it back to us and it was absolutely perfect.” - David Chapman, President

Engaging Video and Photography That Sells

Consumers “buy with our eyes” and it was important for us to represent Vita’s products in a desirable way. We wanted customers to leave wanting Vita’s products after seeing the photography and watching how Vita’s products can help improve their work out or performance.

Paid Website Traffic

A New Home for Fitness Products

YCP’s with online ordering and shipping. This platform gave the new brand a home and made it easy to learn about and purchase products even on a smartphone.

YOY product sales

The Total Package

When you open the box on your new Vita product, we believe this should be a very satisfying experience. It should communicate: “you made the right decision and you’ve received a premium product.” We put a lot of thought into the packaging that accompanied each product including in the package something new for Vita - some swag as a thank you for being a Vita customer. We want to create a delightful experience every time a customer encounters the Vita brand.


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