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Mermet is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of window shade fabrics. But like Kleenex became the default for a category, Mermet was getting overshadowed by their biggest direct competitor as architects and designers routinely speced "Mechoshades" as the default in their designs (instead of considering Mermet). They turned to YCP to position Mermet with differentiated messaging and a new website that better communicated Mermet's value.

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  • Branding & Design
  • Motion & Video
  • Web Experience
Starting With Why

To reposition Mermet, we went back to what Mermet was all about - why did they create the fabrics that they manufacture? What did that mean for customers and for the employees who make the fabrics? What vision drove innovation? Their previous mission and vision weren't engaging employees to work for and communicate differently to customers, thus affecting their positioning. By integrating a new and simplified mission and training the leadership team on how to integrate their new messaging platform, Mermet was ready to build a new site.

Balancing Form and Functionality

Mermet had three different audiences to consider as we created their new website. Each audience had different expectations for what the site should enable them to do. For one group, it was finding new products with a new advanced search and filtering tool. For another, it was getting spec sheets and detailed product information. We designed a site that was easy to navigate but that was robust in its functionality to give users what they needed.

Targeted Calls-to-action To Increase Conversions

One of the most often missed parts of a website is helping the visitor know "what should I do next?" once they have scrolled through your page. By considering Mermet's target audience we determine the best calls to action to integrate that would drive conversions.

Capturing the Details of Innovation

Mermet's innovation is one of a kind and it is one thing that makes Mermet truly unique. On the new site, we highlighted these details using macro photography and messaging to show the unique ways Mermet makes products that solve everyday challenges in offices and homes.

Why Mermet?
Positioning Mermet as the better solution meant that we needed to leverage the power of video on social media and on the website. Check out this video on what makes Mermet unique!

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