Rebranding the companies that work on NYC's landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, and Yankee Stadium took storytelling, creativity, and the determination for excellence.

Joining Forces

Two financial advisory offices, 600 miles apart decide to join forces under one new brand created by YCP.

Rest assured.
We have a plan.
Provista Wealth Advisors

A highly-talented team of experienced financial advisors combined their talents to form a brand new firm but needed help to create a fresh brand that could be trusted, clearly engaged its audiences, and felt like it was well-established in its practices.

Unlocking the Impossible
for Adult Learners

Finding the right strategy to reach new student enrollment goals is a tough challenge in today's competitive online education market. That's why SCOPE came to YCP to create the right messaging to reach adult learners who often feel like going back to school feels impossible.

Reimagined Learning
BJU Press Homeschool Hub

Commissioned to create an online education platform for homeschool students, we completely reimagined the student experience, putting learning first.

Raising the barre
Vita, Inc.

Fitness is an essential part of being healthier, happier, and more confident, and we designed Vita's new brand to communicate with this singular focus.

Revolutionary Healing
Acera Surgical

Acera invented a breakthrough, biodegradable nanofiber technology that reduces healing time and revolutionizes the way operating rooms and burn centers treat patients. YCP helped Acera create a fresh brand and then market this patented technology, while developing critical communications materials to get the word out.

A Community of Generations
Grandfather Golf & Country Club

Nestled in the heart of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in Linville, NC, Grandfather Golf and Country Club is a private club community offering a host of amenities designed for every generation to enjoy together. They turned to YCP for a strategy to help this historic brand reach a new demographic of younger members.

Emerald Waters. Luxurious Living.

Framed with the natural beauty of the turquoise ocean waters and white sand beaches, Roker Point Estates is a private luxury community located in the southern part of Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. They engaged YCP to help them sell their unique vision for this community to prospects many miles away, even while it was still being built.

Elevated Excellence
ELK River Club

The Elk River Club is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious NC mountain lifestyle. They reached out to YCP to create fresh awareness through a re-imagination of their historic identity, a new website, videos, and a campaign to target new members from other cities. 

Branding Paradise
Briland Club

Exclusive pink sandy beaches. Vast turquoise waters. Briland is the ultimate Bahamas destination. It was time to create a brand that lived up to its local lore.